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Topic: Problem with the modwheel setting in GPO studio

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    Problem with the modwheel setting in GPO studio

    I'm currently using Sibeilus 4 with the GPO studio...everytime when i load my saved configured instrument set in GPO studio, i have to reset the modwheel of every single instrument before i can play them properly in sibeilus..Is there any way to get around this, so that i don't have to reset them everytime? It's really annoying that it doesn't save the modwheel setting as well...

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    Re: Problem with the modwheel setting in GPO studio

    Sonar has an option to store the settings, but I don't know about Sibelius.

    Perhaps you can enter the values you want to save at the beginning of the piece.

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    Re: Problem with the modwheel setting in GPO studio

    Hi, ywwonglp

    The hassle you've described has to be up there on the list of most common problems people have, so you're certainly not alone.

    It's a more straight forward thing for people using sequencers, like Sonar, but the same thing applies to notation programs: Once you start working on a piece, having some cc1 Mod Wheel volume data IMmediately on each instrument's line is essential.

    When using a MIDI keyboard, it becomes second nature when recording to whirl the wheel up the very first thing. In a notation program, if you're not using a keyboard, cc1 must also be the first thing added - Volume is part of the data that must be in your project.

    Pushing the mod wheel graphic in the Kontact player is really just for auditioning an instrument - it doesn't actually set your volumes. As soon as cc1 data appears in your project, that Kontact mod wheel will change accordingly. See? So going through and pushing the values up inside Studio really doesn't do anything that will remain a permanent part of your piece.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Problem with the modwheel setting in GPO studio

    Thanks a lot! Got it!
    So do i need to type in the dynamic value alongside with every dynamic signs in Sibeilus?

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    Re: Problem with the modwheel setting in GPO studio

    Hello again, ywwonglp

    As usual when folks using notation programs have questions, I'm hoping other Sibelius/Finale/Overture users will notice the threads and respond. I don't use a notation program and don't understand the ins-and-outs of them.

    But I'm sure the answer to the question in your reply is, "no"--because the dynamic markings in notation programs are assigned to the proper MIDI controllers, so that hairpins, for instance, are triggering cc1 to control the volume of Garritan instruments. That means getting into your program and assigning your dynamic markings to send out that data.

    --I really admire people who get great sounding results from notation programs, because the concept of working that way - inserting notes and commands instead of just playing music can seem like trying to create a beautiful drawing on an Etch-a-Sketch instead of drawing by hand. !

    Randy B.

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