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Topic: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement

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    For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement


    Done entirely with GPO and Overture 4 - I'm definitely getting better at using Overture :-)

    Hope you enjoy.



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    Re: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement

    I basically liked this movement with it's slow, flowing feel.

    I think it could use some work on the string sections in places as they sound more like a keyboard playing string sounds. I have no experience with notation software so I don't know what the answer is but I think it would really make a difference. Maybe some legato.


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    Re: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement


    Is there a keyboard or harp in the mix? A lot of times there is such a strong accent on the downbeat that it sounds almost percussive. I'll leave rendering issues to others, as I have little knowledge, myself; I would just say that varying the attacks might help.

    Now to the good part: you have some real solid ideas here, and you handle the flow and build very well. Your harmonic language is very clear, and very expressive. I liked this a lot!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement

    Ron, there is a harp but it's gone by the time we get to the brass joining in. No percussion other than the timp and gong. Maybe what you're hearing is the doubled basses and cellos which are pretty insistent at times :-)

    I think one problem is that I can only listen to it on headphones - I don't have a decent speaker based sound system and the family would be up in arms if I did! *sigh* they're rapper and 60's pop fans...

    Thanks for the kind words :-)

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    Re: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement

    Hi, Rob

    I just now had an enjoyable time listening to your somber, rather majestic movement. Astounded, as I often am, by the amount of work this must have been, using Overture for your input program.

    A basic element of what you've done which I was hoping wouldn't be quite so constant was the dirge-like chugging of the rhythm. I think this is somewhat in the area of what other people have commented on, now that I've looked at the thread.

    It's the constant holding of string chords for a count, rest, chord, rest - that's what has been referred to as the keyboard-like quality of the strings. There were opportunities throughout where those chords could be held, and the results would be be more fluid and soaring. The special Garritan Legato, accomplished with cc64-or I guess that's cc68 in notation? - that's what would be good to experiment with.

    Thanks for letting us hear what I feel was a true labor of love for you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement

    A lot of this reminds of some of the work I’ve heard from the minimalists. After reading through the posts I think the reason is what Randy suggested – the strings seem to chug through most of this with a very clearly defines and constant, even rhythm. I think the harp part Ron is talking about accents this feel.

    Actually, listening to it a second time what it really reminds me of is some of the orchestral music in the movie The Piano.

    I do think, however, for the most part you did capture the mood. Overall it was an enjoyable listen.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: For your consideration - Symphony No. 1 Second Movement

    Good ideas and a lot of potential in this, Ron. I would be
    interested in hearing the other movements of the symphony
    to better understand your overall style.

    My initial reaction is that the rhythmic elements labor
    somewhat; yet, within a larger minimalistic context that
    might indeed be fitting and effective in the overall scheme
    of the entire work.

    Thank you for bringing this to us; and I look forward to
    hearing more from you!

    My best,


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