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Topic: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

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    Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    Robert has written a shart theme using the Concert and Marching Band winds.


    This was originally done as an exercise for the Online Rimsky-Korsakov course.

    Very nice use of the clarinets!

    Thanks for sending this in Robert.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    A little short but I really liked it.

    When I think of band music it's usually heavy on the brass and percussion. This shows the softer side of CoMB and it sounds good.

    I'd enjoy hearing a full piece like this showcasing the clarinets and other woodwinds. .


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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    That is very nice! It is not uncommon to have 8 to 20 or more clarinets in a concert band and this unison sound is excellent. I wonder how many clarinets were used here?


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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    I might get to like this library after all.

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    Thumbs up Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    This literally gave me chills as it built over time. The woodwinds sound terrific and the theme is one of those warm up type pieces that would give me chills back in the day when I played in local concert bands. This is a great demo to represent CoMB.

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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    Great stuff, can't wait to here some more. You are already getting a terrific sound out of this.

    Well done

    You can listen to my latest piece here -

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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    Thanks all very much. I needed that as I have been kinda slumped for a while!

    I originally intended to add this to the RK book as a part of an exercise(and this being an example) but scrapped it.

    To answer the above question. GRP 1 of the many clarinet groups(unison recordings) was used. On top of that I did use an extra solo as unison samples have the limitation of always starting/stopping at the same time, so the extra solo was placed in there very quietly and out of time from the rest. Also you have alot more room for tuning variation using groups with an added xtra solo.

    I originally again intended this for RK as an example of a specific set of instruments to use but changed it a little so the short length is because it was an exercise never used, just with a different intended setup lol Was not meant to be any longer.
    Robert Davis

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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    definately too short. it is achingly beautiful.

    sounds to me like you could incorporate this into a longer work for concert band.

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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    Absolutely lovely, a perfect thought for those beautiful
    clarinet colors... Robert, I hope you will consider taking
    this further!

    My best,


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    Re: Short Theme Using CoMB Winds

    Thank you, Robert, for letting Gary know about this brief demo - and thank you Gary G. for putting it up for us to hear it.

    Really nice sounding! In case people who don't have CMB yet don't know (sorry--I just can't bring myself to call it CoMB - that's what I use on my hair, not something I can make music with) --one of the strongest suits of this fabulous new library is the group sounds. To finally have superb samples of brass and woodwind sections without layering multiple instruments to get the sound, that is a fantastic feature. The results even manage to sound better than what can be done with layering multiple solos.

    And this short sample demonstrates the group sounds really well. Great!

    Randy B.

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