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Topic: [Informations] - Choosing a new DAW Machime (CME VX8 controller)

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    Exclamation [Informations] - Choosing a new Professional DAW Machine (CME VX8 controller)

    Hello, I'm going to buy a new PC (serious DAW usage) so that I can run as many VST/plugins I can (EWQL Symphonic Orchestra, EWQL Symphonic Choir, GPO, VSL) without having glitches/fuzz/clicks/noise/etc (lowest latency possible).

    Here are some info:

    PC Usage:

    - DVD Playback (Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS)
    - Gaming (not very much)
    - Track creations using big samples (much)

    What I own/will buy:

    - Windows XP Home Edition 32 Bit SP2
    - Cubase SX3
    - CME VX8 Keyboard
    - Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 (700W RMS)
    - Creative DDTS-100 decoder

    And here is a configuration I'm thinking about:

    Motherboard: D975XBX2 Intel® 975X LGA775 ATX 200 €
    Processor: INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q6600 tray STEP G0 240 €
    RAM: OCZ PLATINUM PC2 8000 2048MB 1000MHZ 2*200 €
    Hard Disk: SEAGATE HD BARRACUDA 7200.11_500GB_SATA 300_32MB 2*100 €
    Audio Card: Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 200 €

    Total 1240 €

    N.B.: regarding the HD, I was thinking about a 500GB+500GB = 1 TB configuration (RAID 0 mode) where samples are stored, plus a 120 GB drive for the OS/Cubase.

    Do you think is a good configuration?

    Do you suggest me something else?

    My budget is around 1200€.

    Thank you!

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    Re: [Informations] - Choosing a new DAW Machime (CME VX8 controller)

    Look for more info but for what it's worth.......

    You need 2 PCs. There's a lot of stuff you want to run there, it won't work well on a single machine. Some of the newer libraries demand a seperate system, even with a Quad core. You could use one but for serious work and using a lot of VSL and so on, ya just gotta have 2.

    The mobo and CPU are good choices I'd say and ya need a min of 2 gigs ram, preferably 4.

    Not good on hard drives so can't help but regular drives 7200 and three per machine is a good choice.

    Stick to Win XP.

    One thought is this.

    Get yourself a Quad system like you've described and a Bare bones system you can build on, that way you're commited. A good Intel (you should use Intel) bare bones sytem (which is case, P/Supply, M/board, Cpu and Ram costs around $500 us. Within a month or so you'll have another fine machine!

    Just a thought.......

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