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Topic: Sonar 6 Home Studio

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    Sonar 6 Home Studio

    So far I've done all my music using Overture 4 but it's time I started using a DAW to augment Overture. I have Music Creator 3, a fun toy but just that, a toy. Actually, Music Creator 3 would just about fit the bill except that it maxes out at 8 VST instances in the synth rack.

    So the question is, does anyone know the limit in Sonar 6 Home Studio? I've searched the Cakewalk site high and low but do they mention such a trivial detail as VST limit counts? Not on your nelly.

    Any answers greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Sonar 6 Home Studio

    I got this a while back for the same reasons but I haven't done much with it yet. I just loaded up 16 instances of Kontakt Player 2. I didn't load any samples, but I have 16 instaces in the synth rack.

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    Re: Sonar 6 Home Studio

    Why do you need more than 8 VST instances?

    And instances of what? Kontakt Player 2?
    "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have, but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them."

    - Andy Warhol

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    Re: Sonar 6 Home Studio

    Hi, Rob

    I use Sonar Home Studio 4 XL, haven't upgraded it yet, but according to what I understand the basics about the program remain the same in the new version.

    There aren't any limits on the number of VSTs you can use, as far as I know - As always, the limitation isn't in the program you use but in what your computer can handle. There'll always come a point when it just can't squeeze out any more audio. My computer is modest, so I do a lot of bouncing to audio while working on my music. There's no way I could run all the Garritan instruments I want at the same time in real time.

    I've used at least 16 VSTs in a project - That's Kontact instances plus other soft synths, Sound Font players, and then VST audio programs etc. All told, that number is probably even higher.

    The only limit in the Home Studio line that I'm aware of is 64 audio tracks, while there are unlimited MIDI tracks. I'm pretty sure HS6 still keeps the audio track limit to 64. Believe it or not, that's been a hassle at times, because when you're using a lot of soft synths, the tracks can add up. I've grown accustomed to re-using VSTi tracks - After bouncing some tracks, sometimes I'll need to delete the VSTi tracks to make room for more. But it's not all that much hassle really.

    HS is a great sequencer/DAW. Everything I post in The Listening Room is recorded in HS.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sonar 6 Home Studio

    Thanks for the responses, Craig and Randy. Now all I have to do is talk the missus into spending the money :-)

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    Re: Sonar 6 Home Studio

    Sweeeeeet talk her, bat your eyes, whatever it takes, Rob. It's a screamin' deal to get a program which is so close to the Big Sonar program at a fraction of the cost. Tell her about all the Sweeeeeeet music you'll make for HERrrrrr with it.

    Randy B.

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