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Topic: Please list your newer MOBO

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    Please list your newer MOBO

    Just looking for ideas on Motherboards for Giga and VSL.
    Need 3 pci slots pref.
    My preference is Intel, maybe Asus.

    What's everyone using and why?

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    Re: Please list your newer MOBO

    I have an Intel 975BX and a 975BX2. Both only have 2 pci slots. But 3 PCIe. You might look at an Asus p5b delux. I think it has 3 pci slots. I've heard it unlocks the multipliers on Conroes... pretty much turns a q6700 into a qx6700 for instance. And can also run the 6x50 series chips which the BX2 doesn't support. Intel's about to release a replacement mobo for the BX2... the DX38BT is due sometime next month I think.


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