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Topic: Free Yellowtools Help us

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    Free Yellowtools Help us

    For those of you fortunate enough to get all the 1.7 GB of samples to down load uncorrupted, since they are free, could anyone post them folder by folder for the rest of us to download. Yellowtools should have broken them up like that anyway, for 30 minute download times. Anyone able to, and willing to do this???

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    There's topic about it on cakewalk forums, along with fast links. just search for yellowtools and go to post #93

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    I found a thread that suggested using freedownloadmanager to do it - I tried it and it downloads in a fraction of the time (spawns muliple threads or something like that). You'll find it at: http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

    Cheers, ColinD

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    Thanks, yes, downloadmanager is cool, so thanks, but, unfortunately, now one cannot get to the download page on yellowtools. So back to square one, are there any links on ANY forum to the files in broken up versions??? thanks again.

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    The free hosting sites have a size limit, does anyone know another way?

    I have the windows version uncorupted and have the libraries uncorrupted, installed and working great... but my .dmg for Mac apparently is messed up.

    I would help but all these free hosting sites have a size limit and the .yt something files, 8 of them, that make up the library, are ranging from around 100 Mb to 300 and something Mb. Only one is around 100 the others are all 200 something MB and bigger. Divide 2 gig (They're 2 Gb after unzipped) by 8 files for the average of their sizes = 250 Mb.

    My email service (yahoo) also has a size limit, i forgot what it is but way less than 100 mb, probaby 10.

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    The first time I tried, the files were both corrupted.

    The next day I simply opened the Browser history - clicked directly on the download links, and they immediately started downloading. This time the files were good.

    For IE7, Control+Shift H


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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    Down-them-all in Firefox handled the download very well and that is how I got them. On the other hand, the native Firefox download manager did not work very well and kept cutting out after 150-200 Mb.
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    I FINALLY GOT IT, thanks for all the help, I actually did the .rar files on the german site, and finally got it all together.

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    Re: Free Yellowtools Help us

    I looked at the numbers for my web hosting just to get a thumbnail of the bandwidth / storage issue and concluded a 1.7 gigabyte file made freely available to anyone on the internet is just too real.

    While I appreciate their generosity, are at least would like to if I could get to their website , it probably should have been made available for the cost of materials, handling and shipping.


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