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Topic: Help I closed the keyboard window!

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    Cool Help I closed the keyboard window!

    Running Cubase SX3 here. I have Garriton Personal Orchestra. I added my Garriton Personal Orchestra VST sounds.

    then I closed the window by accident. How do I get it back to being visible? Because that is the only way (doesn't mean it is the only way) that I can turn up the volume (with those little black dials,) so I that I can hear my GPO instruments. Not to mention the only way I can add more instruments. Is there another way? Feeling stupid here. Just a beginner here with virtual instruments.

    Any help will be greatly greatly appreciated!!!!!

    Thanks ahead of time!


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    Re: Help I closed the keyboard window!

    I’m sorry that this question has been left unanswered.
    I wish I could help you here but I’m not familiar with how to open the VSTi’s window in Cubase (I use Sonar). You might try in the Garritan Forums (they are always extremely helpful) or the forum above this one (notation/sequencing).

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    Re: Help I closed the keyboard window!

    Hi Bevs

    Sorry I didn't see your post before

    If I understand correctly, you have closed the KP window and want to get it back. If so:

    Highlight the MIDI channel.
    In the Inspector window, you will see the MIDI IN/OUT selection boxes.
    Beneath is the MIDI channel assign box.
    To the left of this box is the icon that will open your KP to allow you to make adjustments.
    The cursor is over the icon in the attached image

    Another way is to press F11 (which opens the VST Instruments window) then press the round icon with a letter "e" inside it.

    Hope this helps

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