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Topic: Hammond-type scanner vibrato VST plug?

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    Hammond-type scanner vibrato VST plug?

    Anyone know of VST plug-ins that can do Hammond-style scanner vibrato, tube distortion and Leslie? I'm looking for plug-ins along the lines of Logic's "Scanner Vibrato" "Distortion II" and "Rotary Cabinet" but that could be used as VST plug-ins for GS3.


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    Arrow Re: Hammond-type scanner vibrato VST plug?

    Well here I go again.

    This can be done with the awesome Scope Fusion Platform and Gigastudio. But you'll need the 600 USD Scope DSP sound card w/ it's mature software. The B2003 is super accurate, and also allows external instruments to go through it's scanner vibrato, and Leslie emu. I route it to 2 x Barbetta Sona 32C's , and a Motion-Sound Rotary cabinet personally.

    But my Gibson, Vox, and Farfisa samples are marvelous sounding through the internal vibrato and chorus, which will also bypass the Lesliue emu.

    3ms @ 44.1 in real time w/o zippers,..........I love this platform. It's mature software and free 3rd party developements are worth thousands !!



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    Re: Hammond-type scanner vibrato VST plug?

    The price doesn't match up with any of the prices at Musicians Friend. Just for future reference, which card are you refering to?


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    Wink Re: Hammond-type scanner vibrato VST plug?

    The Creamware Scope Project card. A professional is the way to go IMO. But your needs might be less.

    I have used these live for years with their GSIF, and more recently ASIO 2 24bit drivers for GVI. Actually they are so stable and mature, I would advise buying one used.


    This one comes with tons of great FX, the awesome B2003 ( hammond EMU ), and the incredible Solaris synth. VSTi synths just aren't there yet IMO. Besides the guy who made Solaris is John Bowen, he makes many custom synths for Has Zimmer,who uses GigaDAW's w/ Scope DSP cards in many of his featured movies. John also designed the XMod features on the original Prophet V w/ Dave Smith.

    Since Creamware hardly advertises, I like them. That means we don't end up paying tons of money for " low jitter ", and all of those marketing slogans that cost the consumer more money IMO. I play live, 3ms @ 44.1KHz, and Gigastudios kernel level MIDI just seems locked into Scope perfectly.

    I just don't see why anyone would buy a soundcard that has nothing else to offer. EMU seems like a wise choice, as it has years of sampling experience, but I believe those guys have left the buiding since Creative took over.

    If you are in the market for an all in one package, that is super stable live as well, and the synths alone are worth the money, check it out. At the end of the day, the best FX units in hardware, and many synths are run off of DSP chips. So why not have a custom DSP rig, that runs w/ your sequencers, and sampler apps.

    Sure, some will say that it's old technology, I'll grant them that. But I use my ears, and if someone comes along w/ good stuff, I'll buy it. But all of this VST stuff just sounds so thin in comparison. I use one hardware analog synth now just for leads, that's it. All of my Oberheims have recieved proper burial in my project studio, as they are just too big, and John Bowens synths can do everything the analogs can, plus way more. But I like them for polyphonic sounds, and still prefer my analog for monophonic. How can anyone quit using a rack mounted Mini Moog anyway.

    Almost forgot, Once you have a Scope DSP card, you can ask for devices that suit your needs, and they are free, even great Mixers, synths, etc.


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