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Topic: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

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    The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Hi all,

    I've had some free time on my hands luckly, and it's given me time to get some of my compositions out of storage on my hard drive and try to finish them. This particular piece was something I was working on and off with but, I had never done a final rendering. I finally got around to it and did this "mockup". As you will notice, the ending sounds rather unfinished. That's because I really didn't have a direction to go in so, I left it the way it is so I could come back to it later, and add to it if the inspiration hit. Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you.

    All are GPO except the french horns and trumpets which are EWQL. Choir is PapalMedia sound font. Final rendering done using Reason. Comments appreciated. Enjoy.

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    "A wrong note played timidly, is still a wrong note. A wrong note played with authority, is improvisation."

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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    John Aker says the name in soundclick. So, John it is really great. Before my eyes I see the title roll of e.g. Waterworld, a new Lord of the Rings, any similar movie. I must play it again. Great.... and next time I won't accept the "off" anymore LOL. You must be "on" this all the time. Too good laying around in some obscure bits and bytes on your harddrive. Oh, you asked for comments... don't know that to tell you, it builds up good. Your rendering is great, I liked the instrumentation, special those bells in the beginning just before the female singers. To hell with all these words, I liked it the second time.


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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Wow! You are the king of dynamics. Such a satisfying climax and then the lovely afterglow with prolonged decrescendo at the end... I have to learn from you how to use Reason to such great effect. Did you edit this all within Reason or did you write it in Finale or some other program and then transfer it over as a midi file? Very nice work. Check out my first attempt at using Reason for orchestral composition... See the post called "The Wizard Wall". As a Reason user, I'd love your feedback. Thanks.
    John Dickason.
    "To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable." Aaron Copland.

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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Very very impressive work both in composition and production. Yup nothing like the big screen sound to bring a work alive. And of course a good set of sound libraries.




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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Thanks for the nice review. It's always great to hear any comments from all the forum artists whether good or bad, the constructive comments really help me "fine tune" areas I might need work on. I know what "my" ear hears but, it's always refreshing to get a different perspective. Thanks again for listening.

    Firstly, you said, "You are the king of dynamics..." and even though that is a VERY kind thing to say, I have to say that I don't consider myself to be the king of anything. As far as the dymamics go, I just keep reworking a piece in my mind until it sounds fairly close to what I am trying to achieve.

    I don't use any notation programs such as Finale or Sibelius for one reason, I don't read music. Every composition I do is done using Fruity Loops XXL 6. I play notes within the program and using my midi keyboard (which I finally got a few months ago) by ear for each section. Once I have every section I plan to use roughly laid out in midi format, I then apply all the GPO instruments or various instrument banks to the sections and start tweaking for articulations. This process can take anywhere from a week to a month or longer, depending on the complexity of the composition. Once I feel I have accomplished the articulations as close to what I wanted, I then render each midi track seperately into an mp3 file and export them into the program called "Reaper" which is an audio editing program that is capable of mixing 128 tracks. It is within this program, I start manipulating dynamics of each section, working on crescendo's, decrescendo's, balance, panning etc. When I feel I have this done to my "ears" liking, I then transfer each mp3 file seperately into the program I plan to use for the final mixdown. I have been a faithful user of Sonic Acid Pro 4.0 for the longest and have only recently tried using Reason 3.0. I've had Reason for a good long while but never had the time to work with it. So, I finally decided to experiment with it this time using it for this composition. I'm still a newbee when it comes to Reason but I'm gradually learning it's posibilities.

    I'm still learning alot but, I can try to offer help to you if I can. I know there are MANY other more experienced composers and artists here on the forums that can give more sound advice if you ask but, thank you for all your nice comments. I hope I answered your questions? Thanks for taking time to listen and I am going now to listen to your "wizard Wall".
    "A wrong note played timidly, is still a wrong note. A wrong note played with authority, is improvisation."

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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Enjoyable – very cinematic. As your title implies it would make a great beginning for an epic adventure film, or during a key, dramatic visual scene.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Thumbs up Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Great score work John, i agree very cinematic! Sounds perfect for a wide variety of adventure packed movies, i mostly visualized a ship and crew sailing through great turbulence to reach a calm that may or may not be lasting.

    I'm amazed when people can get this kind of top results without being a reader of music, you must have a remarkable ear for music.


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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    That was awesome man! I saw a sea adventure also but it could be a space adventure too. Great dynamics and sound. It starts out like a quiet dream and them comes alive in a big way and then there is calm.


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    Thumbs up Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    I wanted the Vienna Symphonic Lib. Brass, but I just don't havethe money. Me being a brass player, I'm sure you guys can understand.

    Moving on to this music.

    Effing god man. You are some kind of sorcerer!! Jesus this stuff is great. I hope your inspiration comes soon, because I don't know if I can wait much longer. You are a brilliant writer. I can see those violins with their bows going crazy. I've always thought string players look funny when they have a bunch of arpeggiation. Very nce work. And going into the slow dark section, really good transition.

    Overall though, this piece if put in a sound track would probably stand alone as it is, and then you'd probably just segue into something else, but as a concert piece I think the audience would be expecting more. So it just depends on what you were going for here.

    Judging by the title I get the assumption that it would be something for a movie or game.

    Good luck in findign your inspiration.

    If it helps you at all, I get my inspiration by just leaviing my house and just going somewhere alone. Not sure where. Like an abandoned sand lot (at night), and watching the stars, or looking at the clouds. Watching the sunrise on the beach, or just looking at the lightning during a thunderstorm. Works almost everytime.

    Problem is you can't go looking for inspiration, because you'll never find it. You have to let it find you.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

    My demos:

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    Re: The Adventure Begins (Main theme mockup)

    Howdy, Shaver!

    OK! I got my popcorn and I am Totally ready for the Adventure to Begiiiin.

    OH man, modern film scores of the John Williams' ilk can be such gosh darned blasted fun, can they not?

    And you have it really happening here, my Forum friend. Really nice theme and use of it, and just oodles of great sounding layers in your recording.

    Thanks for telling us in one of your replies how you go about working. What you described accounts for some of the wonderful sense of freedom that can be heard in your results.

    I always enjoy your posts, and this one has to top them all.

    BIg round of applause!

    Randy B.

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