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Topic: Steinway’s Frank Mazurco to Retire

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    Steinway’s Frank Mazurco to Retire

    Recently Steinway & Sons Executive Vice President Frank Mazurco said that, after 33 years in the Steinway Piano business, he will retire by the end of 2007. In a letter to industry colleagues, he stated, "This has not been an easy decision and is not one that has been made suddenly.

    "I want to express to all of you that I have had a rewarding and memorable career at Steinway & Sons, and I have enjoyed very much working with all of you. I really do feel blessed. After all, not many people can say that they have spent their entire career representing Steinway & Sons and the Steinway Piano.
    Over the last 25 years, Steinway dealerships and all the staff and managers at Steinway & Sons have set new standards, broken records, and today are truly the envy of all competitors. Steinway is the leader in our industry today because of your efforts and dedication."
    It was enjoyable meeting and working with Frank for the Authorized Steinway Virtual Piano project.

    I wish Frank all the best for great retirement and commend him for a job well done during his watch.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Steinway’s Frank Mazurco to Retire

    No strings attached?

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    Re: Steinway’s Frank Mazurco to Retire

    Does this mean the job's vacant...

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