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Topic: gpo 2.0 ghosts

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    Question gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Am I the only one with a ghost of gpo 2.0 that I can't get rid of?

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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Now, why don't you just answer the question, I asked you in the other thread, then maybe someone - myself or somebody else - can answer your question.

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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Hi Niki:
    Here is what I have done so far to get rid of the blue ghost of gpo 2.0
    1. Deleted all files and ref: to finale 2007.
    2. Deleted all gpo and concert band files. and all finale 2008. deleted kp2.
    3. ran cc cleaner to verify all un associated .dll files removed (actually found 5 and deleted same.
    4. ran disk clean up and defrag.
    5. looked at all remaining .dll, .exe, and program files.
    6. ran Norton
    7. reinstalled kp2.2.3.003 as stand alone. It didn't contain the ghost and worked correctly with cubase.
    8. reinstalled garritan personal orch. and concert band.
    9. verified all working correctly with cubase.
    10. reinstalled finale 2008 without softsynth, wavetable synth, or smart music.
    11. !!!!???? blue ghost appears in finale 2008, but , not stand alone.
    12. called finale support, submitted screen shot and the above operations to them in email. did same for Gary and NI.
    13. Garys response was helpful and well thought out as usual, NI response was that they thought I was using full kp2 and not the player, and then blamed it on MM finale 2008. MM. finale support was to send me to the penalty box (back to NI) and did not indicate that the .dll that is producing the ghost of gpo 2.0 could be found because NI made the installers for Finale application.
    Meanwhile the ghost is still present in Finale 2008 kp2 browser/inst. sel. window as an inst. library.
    Any Ideas? Thanks

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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    If I understand you correctly, Finale GPO 2.0 turns up blue in the left pane of KP2, when opened as VST plugin in Finale 2008, and you want it to revert to its normal color and become functional again?

    If that is the case, click on Finale GPO 2.0's "Info" button | "About" tab | "Choose" and navigate to the Finale GPO 2.0 folder, which you select, click "OK" and "Close" and restart Finale 2008. That should fix it. The reason it only turns up in Finale is, that all versions (except the very first one) of Garritan Finale Edition libraries are tied to Finale and can only be accessed from within Finale.

    If you don't want to use Finale GPO 2.0 anymore, but would rather want to get rid of it completely, uninstalling Finale 2007 may remove it. If it doesn't (and, if my memory doesn't fool me, this has happened), you need to edit the Windows registry. Delete the keys HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Finale GPO 2.0, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Finale GPO 2.0 and the key value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Content\Finale GPO 2.0. BUT BEWARE: Editing the registry can render your PC useless, if you don't know what you are doing. You edit the registry at your own risk.

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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Thankyou Nikki!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You solved a problem that has plagued me for around 3 months. For some reason, I had not thought that the register would have contained the problem. Following your research and recommendations I found 4 different locations that were the reason for the ghost and deleted them... Problem solved. It is curious to me that MM tech support and NI made no reference to the register as a possible origin of the ghost problem. Thanks again, your effort is sincerely appreciated.
    John Taylor

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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Quote Originally Posted by taylorchandler
    It is curious to me that MM tech support and NI made no reference to the register as a possible origin of the ghost problem.
    I don't know, maybe they didn't quite understand the nature of the problem. Anyway, I am glad you got it sorted out

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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Thanks Nickie, for your advice about the "Info" button | "About" tab | "Choose." I now have skins on my players. I never tried to figure out why they didn't have skins anymore since everything seemed to be working ok, but now they look like they are suposed to look.


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    Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts


    Your name here, taylorchandler, is interesting. That last city I lived in was Taylor and I currently live in Chandler!


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    Smile Taylorchandler in Lincoln ne.

    Hi Haydn:
    Taylorchandler is the name of my company. My name is John Taylor (pres) and vice pres. name is Robin Chandler. The company Taylor/Chandler Productions inc. is mostly involved in arranging concert band and orchestra pieces for small schools that don't have enough players to cover the parts and present an off of the shelf new or in library pieces. Most of the music teachers in small schools with groups of 35 or less either don't have time to do the arranging or background, and in some cases the enthusiasm for making the arrangements for their concerts and contests. I hope this explains the strange moniker.

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    Red face Re: gpo 2.0 ghosts

    Any tips for someone on a Mac with system 10.4.10? I have the same blue screen also. I have chosen the correct path in the info with no results. The blue screen is on both GPO and GJB.

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