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Topic: Industry News: Gibson Offers Self-Tuning Guitar

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    Industry News: Gibson Offers Self-Tuning Guitar

    Gibson’s Powertune frees guitarists from the act of tuning, company officials announce as they release a guitar that tunes itself.
    The Powertune System is installed on a genuine Gibson guitar that isn't otherwise modified or compromised in any way. The guitar looks, plays, feels, and sounds exactly like a Gibson USA Les Paul, with all the genuine analog tone, resonance, and touch sensitivity of the set-neck electric guitar. It doesn't weigh discernibly more than a non-Powertune Les Paul model, and the system is virtually invisible.
    Now if they could only make a self-tuning system for my harps!

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    Re: Industry News: Gibson Offers Self-Tuning Guitar

    GPO has been self-tuning for a while. I load it up and everything is already tuned. Gibson is just a little bit behind Garritan.
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