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Topic: A little sonata for flute and piano

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    Red face A little sonata for flute and piano

    Now that school has started again, I'm up to my knees in homeworks and such meaning that I have less time to dedicate to composition. But the time I so far manage to get over has resulted in this little piece: a Sonata for piano and flute in C major. Please, take your time and listen

    You'll find the three movements at the top of the page:

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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    Hi Felix,

    I couldn't play your pieces - I was taken to a default soundclick page

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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    Okey ..., use this link then, you'll come to my music list on the page. You'll find the sonata at the top.


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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    The new link worked fine. You should edit your original post with this link so people don't get frustrated and not read farther down the thread.

    I just took a real quick listen to the three movements of your flute sonata and enjoyed what I heard. Very classical era sounding.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    I listened to the first movement and it sounds like a nice baroque piece.

    I would like to be a little closer to the instruments as there is plenty of room here and no need to be back too far. It would give it a little more intimacy.

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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    Liked it! Very enjoyable.

    I agree with the comments about needing more presence - don't be shy!

    I have just one small suggestion. Change the key of the second movement - F or G major might be nice, although the octaves might require a little fiddling. A common little trick from the period.


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    Talking Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    Ah, yes, the price one has to pay for working in complete secrecy I compose with my headphones on. Meaning that the sound quality differs from when it's played through the speakers..., I'll see to it that it's changed for the better

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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    I have the same problem, I have to compose with my headphones on or I'd drive my roommate nuts with notes...

    Anywho... I don't particularly like flute stuff. If this where some better instrument...like say... the tuba...then you'd have my attention.
    All seriousness though, I really did enjoy listening. My favorite was the second movement. Simple and elegant. Not to rambunctious (sp?). So for you to really advertise this piece, I thinkyou should offset the instruments a little more. Piano on the left, flute on the right. Not extreme, but about a quarter turn on the balance nobs should do it. Slightly dry, but enough wetthat it does have a recital hall "flavor" to it. You could make it more life by recording ambience ofan audience. lol. Like a chair squeek, a cough. Baby crying. You get the gist. was kidding about that btw. Anyway, bring us more. I know you have homework.I'm right there with ya.
    Yours Truly,
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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    Hi, Felixissimo

    What fun, playful music, So nicely crafted. And with some nice surprises throughout to keep us on our toes--like the sudden key shifts, I like it all.

    Randy B.

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    Re: A little sonata for flute and piano

    A very courtly, graceful sonata, Danial; clearly with
    the refined sentiments of another age.

    The third movement was my favorite of the three;
    with it's several moments of surprise and diversion...
    and its elaboration near the end.



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