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Topic: Waltz Of The Flowers

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    Waltz Of The Flowers

    Here's a redo of a Clarinet Quintet to a double Wind Quintet.
    Two each-flute, oboe, clarinet, Bassoon and horn.

    hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...id=4354797&q=h


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    I always wondered why when it's called Waltz of the Flowers they always play it at Christmas time. Maybe it's Poinsettas? But i never tire of hearing it. I love your flute passages, but something is messing the sound quality. I can hear the beautiful music in there, but something is in the way of it"s clarity.


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    Re: Waltz Of The Flowers

    I think you did a good job on this. The mix sounds good and you are using the dry instruments with no verb. I think some verb would be nice and give it a little more realism but I can live with it.


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    Re: Waltz Of The Flowers


    Interesting musical ideas you have thrown out here. There are some funny things going on with it. Maybe the way voices are shared across instruments? It definately needs some spatial presence....a little reverb? Or is the Waltz of the Dried Flowers (just a joke...really...really it is).



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    Re: Waltz Of The Flowers

    Hi, Gary

    What a great piece of music this is. It must've been fun to work on this.

    This rendition is at a much slower tempo than I'm used to, and it made for an interesting more laid-back waltz than I expected.

    I recall from other posts that you've struggled with technical issues like use of reverb, and also with the MIDI controllers that make samples come alive, the Garritan instruments in particular.

    It'd be great if we could help you straighten those things out more, Gary, because the same issues are interfering with the success of this recording as they have previous ones.

    As has been pointed out on this thread, you're using no reverb, and that instantly makes computer generated music sound artificial. Nothing we hear in real life doesn't have some reverberation added to its sound, because sound happens in space, no matter how small the venue. Sound bounces around in a space and we hear it mixed with reverb, always.

    Are you using KP2? It has great reverb available for each instrument now, and it's so easy to add.

    You're not using cc64 Legato either - Or perhaps it's cc68 you need if you're using notation. But on the runs in this piece, listen to how each note is being tongued in a way simply impossible to do on a real instrument. Bracketing passages with pedal marks for cc64, with the notes over-lapping slightly, and suddenly those runs would be natural sounding.

    In your mix, the melody is often far too subservient to the waltz oom pah which is dominating like in a merry-go-round's barrel organ. And I can hear you swooping the volume for dynamic contrasts, but they are far too wide - the volume dips extremely low and unrealistically at times.

    You have the love of music, and I take it you don't care for the technical aspects too much - There really are just a few handful of things you could learn which would make your experience so much more enjoyable for yourself. And of course these Garritan Forums are treasure troves of info on how to do most anything you can think of with these instruments.

    I'm hoping you find yourself some time to do these few simple things I've listed. The rewards would be great for you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Waltz Of The Flowers

    Wow poinsettias. I never actually thought of that. Itsounds like you recorded it MONO instead of stereo. And it does lack reverb and stage precense. It sounds like their out in the woods, but there's no wind. Get it... wood...wind...nvm. Anyway, I have always enjoyed this piece. I absolutely always hated playing the tuba part to this, it's so boring. The poor bassoons. I laugh at them. (insert cackling evil laugh here).

    See what's with the MONO-theistic sound. Or whatever its called. MONO-syllabic. Or something.
    Yours Truly,
    May the Fourth Be With You

    My demos:

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    Re: Waltz Of The Flowers

    Gary, you definitely got the goods on the notes in this (including
    some superb quirks). But you're dry as dust on this with the
    reverb once again. Spike up the sound treatment, and I think
    this would really shine...

    My best,


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