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Topic: Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

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    Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

    Hi folks,

    Been a while since I was floating around these forums. I took a nice break from the studio after I finished my last album to pursue some other interests but I got the "bug" again and am fully immersed in my 2nd studio album and have been itching to starting laying down some orchestral tracks. So, as is my wont, I ran out and purchased Logic Express 8 upgrade two days ago. I wiped my Mac clean to start from scratch, re-installed 7, upgraded to 8 then went to do the GPO install. Much to my surprise everything has changed.

    Now, I'll be brutally honest. I hate Native Instruments. I thought the original registration process, Kontakt player and all around usability was horrendous but I love GPO so I suffered through it. Now there's a whole new set of headaches with version 2. Maybe it's a Logic 8 thing, maybe not but here's my list:

    1. Kontakt player won't register. No matter how many times I run the Service Center and it assures me it's been registered and activated, when I open it up I still am in Demo mode.
    2. It takes FOREVER for the samples menu to work. It will drop down but no submenus come up for 30 seconds to a minute. THEN, every other sample will not load because it says "The patch you're trying to load cannot be used with this application".

    I tried Logic 7 again to see if 8 was the issue. Same problems. So I'm willing to reinstall from scratch and follow the How-to that tmonaghan has posted but I'm terrified to uninstall GPO because everytime I did in the past it was jumping through flaming hoops to get NI to reactivate.

    SO, before I take on that particular corner of h***, does anyone have any experiences to share that may help me out?

    Thanks so much...

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    Re: Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

    Are you installing GPO Kontakt player 1 then upgrading to 2?

    P.S. You can just install Logic Express 8 without express 7 on your machine.

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    Re: Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

    I suppose so. What I did was a fresh install of OS 10.4 and then re-installed GPO from the original discs. When I went to register with the Registration Tool that comes as part of the install it told me that that was no longer the way to register. So I downloaded the NI Service Center as it told me to do and ran the updates that it found for me. That was that. Kontakt 1 that came with GPO doesn't work at all, though it shows up in Logic as it always has. The difference now is that there's a separate selection for Kontakt 2. That is the one that semi works. The original Kontakt that is still part of The Garritan Personal Orchestra gives me the error "This patch was created by a newer version of Kontakt. Please upgrade." which is one of the errors I get in Kontakt2 also.

    This is incredibly frustrating.

    I have the Logic Express 8 upgrade. From what I understand it needs 7 to install.

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    Re: Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

    Just try downloading the Garritan KP2 Update before the install of GPO... That might work. I have had similar problems before, and it's always something different with NI, I would have to say.

    You just need your previous express 7 serial # to install 8. Installing Express 8 is a totally fresh install. But I think that it is not a logic problem and more of an NI problem.

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    Re: Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

    Thanks Jeremy, I'll do that. I just hope it won't take a day and getting NIs tech support involved again to convince them I'm not stealing their software but merely performing a re-install which, you know, users have to do every now and then. Perhaps they've loosened up a bit, I don't know.

    Just for my info, the Logic 8 update is one DVD and comes with no content disc like 7. Installing over 7 gives me access to all of 7's content. I'd like to keep that. Any way to get that content without having the full version of 7 installed? Apple seems to be keeping previous version of their software installed lately (iMovie is like that now too.) Version 7 is still fully usable.

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    Re: Logic Express 8, Kontakt Player 2 and New Headaches

    Oh very true with the one content disc. If you wish to keep the express legacy stuff on their, then istalling 7 is a good choice. hehe, Logic studio took me 3 hours to install everything. 8 DVD's!

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