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Topic: Beats needed NOW!

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    Beats needed NOW!

    1) Do you know of any cool technoish downloadable loop libraries?

    2) Alternatively - Any Techno/Synth gurus up for a little gig of producing me some original multilayered loops? The more flexibility I have, the better. If so, send me a PM with a link to similar original (i.e. no loops) work you have done, and what your price is. I would need within 24 hours

    Keywords for what I need... "Speed", "race", "furious"


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    Re: Beats needed NOW!

    just PM'ed ya...

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    Re: Beats needed NOW!

    you could check my Beat Bandit Loops at www.ninevoltaudio.com.

    they kinda fit in that genre and are downloadable


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    Re: Beats needed NOW!


    perhaps try www.modernbeats.com

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    Re: Beats needed NOW!

    Thanks. Looking into all of it now

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    Re: Beats needed NOW!

    Stylus RMX (answer for all your needs)
    hmm I know 1000's of cool techno loops LOL.
    it's just going to depend on the style of the music though the sub genera.
    There are so many loops out there it's beyond over kill!
    Just look at what sells for acid.
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    Re: Beats needed NOW!


    ACID Planet gives you 8 free loops a week so you can see what loop cd's you might want to purchase, they are all pretty good loops

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    Re: Beats needed NOW!

    Thanks everyone! ...

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    Re: Beats needed NOW!

    I assume you have metamorphosis by spectrasonics?
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    Re: Beats needed NOW!


    Deadline moved a bit... It seems I have a few days.

    So any "Juno Reactor" guys out there should PM me

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