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Topic: [OT] Publishing, royalties, etc... question

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    [OT] Publishing, royalties, etc... question

    so i just landed my first feature soundtrack and had a question so as to put any uncertainty to rest. the producers are being really generous regarding rights (i think because its such a small budget to start with)...letting me keep 100% of both writing and publishing. when i explained to them how royalty collection works, they were a little scared that down the line ASCAP would be knocking on their door asking for a bunch of money. i told them they had nothing to worry about, but honestly i'm not 100% sure. so if someone knows...when ASCAP collects royalties for a film/show that for example shows on the Sundance Channel, the royalty is paid by Sundance Channel out of the general fee they pay annually, correct? i want to keep things as clear as possible since the producers are being so generous i want to return the favor as best as i can.
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    Re: [OT] Publishing, royalties, etc... question

    The producers aren't really being that generous, just not extremely greedy. If they don't have sufficient budget to acquire the publishing, it is rightfully yours.

    You should just sign a standard synchronization license giving them the right to use your music in their film, and possibly in the promotion and marketing of the film. No other rights should be transferred to them.

    You are correct that the producers don't have any obligation to pay public performances. The only remote possibility is if they want to broadcast the film on a station that is not a BMI/ASCAP licensee, then that station might request a direct license from you, or a waiver, so they won't be prohibited from broadcasting the film.

    This possibility is very remote, so don't even bring it up, unless it comes up in the future.

    Congratulations, you are now a feature film composer and a publisher. The latter will help you sustain your career as a composer!
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    Re: [OT] Publishing, royalties, etc... question

    thanks for the quick reply. yes, you're right...i think it mostly comes from ignorance of how the game works rather then generosity per se, but i'll let it play into my favor! i've been doing ads for a while (reel here: http://strongforthefuture.com/?cat=4 ), but yes this is my first flick. to date i've only receiver writer royalties, so this'll be my first gig as publisher. plus, it'll be nice to be able to sandwich something from a real film in between the ads on my reel.

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    Re: [OT] Publishing, royalties, etc... question

    FYI, ASCAP does not pay for performances of music in US general theatrical release (although they will distribute royalties received from theatrical performances in other countries).

    Once it gets on TV it's a different story.
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