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Topic: Windows Vista and US2400

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    Windows Vista and US2400

    I have posted in the window audio board, but not had a suitable answer to my problem.

    My main PC went "bang" tonight, so I am forced to consider upgrading to a VISTA based solution earlier than anticipated.

    I have heard that Vista will not support the Tascam 25 fader controller to US2400 even though it is a USB Midi class compliant device. Has any one had any luck with this?

    Does any one have thoughts on upgrading to Vista generally?

    VSL Symphonic Cube, PLAY Gold, Project SAM, Altiverb, US2400, Cubase 4

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    Re: Windows Vista and US2400

    Take the US2400 to the computer shop and try it out on a Vista PC!
    This Tascam US 2400 is a rare bird. I use it and think its amazing on my Macpro.

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    Re: Windows Vista and US2400

    I would not recommend moving to Vista for at least one year.

    So far, no one has seen any performance improvements with Vista versus Windows XP, and only heartaches. Vista may provide improvements in the future (after hardware and software manufacturers have really worked on trying to get better performance), but they are not there now.

    So what can you do given most computers ship with Vista?


    Dell offers a few computers that ship with Windows XP (at the main Dell site I did a search on "Windows XP")


    Even though these will cost you more money, I would suggest a computer specfically configured for music running Win XP. These companies have made sure that all of the components are compatible with each other

    (In Alphabetical Order)


    At least one of the companies above, PCAudioLabs, can even configure a "dual-boot" system (Vista and Win XP) using swappable hard drives. This would allow you to test out Vista while still using XP, eventually using only Vista.

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