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Topic: Free Sample Libraries!

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    Free Sample Libraries!

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking at starting a resource page for free sample libraries. (I will be releasing a few of them soon) And I was wondering if anybody wanted to help out with this project. Any volunteers?

    I want to create a site for the not so financially blessed composers, where they can download our sample library's for free. So if you need your free library hosted, just reply or pm me.

    I am already working on some cool free library's that are less commonly free. (e.g. Solo Vocalist, Solo Guitar, SATB Choir, 8 vel piano w/ effects, and some other cool things.)

    If you want to join me and become a developer, please let me know! I want to get this project started soon!

    I will gladly appreciate any of your ideas or comments.

    Hope all goes well,


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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    Sounds nice! Will it have paypal? Your libraries seem very useful.

    I must say I´m extremely impressed by people who give things away for free.

    I´m sorry I cant help you out.

    A SATB Choir for free would be exciting!

    /Johnny, not so financially blessed

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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    The following page contains links to a whole bunch of free stuff:


    It's in Danish, but don't let that freighten you

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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    Cant contribute with any library, but i would like to applaude your idea and effort. For sure i will use them and promote if good quality they are.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    Did you post this on KVR? Might be a good place?

    Best of luck with your project and thank you!

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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    Hey Jeremy,
    Kudos for the effort! I'd be happy to get in on some programming for Giga, if you have that in your plans.


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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    There are lots of free samples out there, the issue is the quality.

    Frankly, I wish there were more free Kontakt 2 multis for some established libraries to take advantage of its scripting capabilities to make them more playable (like Black Bass, for example).

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    I am spending a bunch of time to create good quaility libraries. (trust me, if they weren't pretty good, I wouldn't want to share them with you

    I want to create comercial quaility stuff that you cannot get for free like solo vocals and SATB choir.

    I would love the help from anyone to get this going. And can someone that is regularly on KVR possibly link this topic on thier forums so they can get the info. (I just don't want to sound like advertising or spam as a new member)

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    Cool Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    YAY! free stuff!!!!!*calms down* If you get this thing going it will be so awesome,i wish i could help but i have no idea how

    P.S it's great to back on the forums!

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    Re: Free Sample Libraries!

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffn1
    There are lots of free samples out there, the issue is the quality.

    That is an issue. The other is the sources of the free samples. I remember, at KVR, each time any free sample is posted, people ask "What is the source of them?" "Can you upload a picture of the real instruments and give us some details of how do you sampled it?". I suppose that make more credible the things.
    Marcelo Colina

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