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Topic: Another Hard Drive Question

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    Another Hard Drive Question

    I have an older g5 dual 2.0 (PPC)
    my 2 system drives are raided. (raid 0)
    I bought 2 new sata drives to replace them (2x500gig)
    I want to do a fresh install of my os and of logic etc..

    Is there any real benefit to having my system drive raided? I will have my latest project on my system drive/s but most of my libraries will be on a fw800 drive.

    Should i just run 1 500gb SATA as my system and 1 500gb SATA for my projects?

    Not sure whats best bang for my buck here. (I have tons of libraries ans VIs) Am running my sample libs on a lacie fw 800.....so i can go mobile with it on my mbp.

    any help would be great.


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    Re: Another Hard Drive Question

    For a system drive, RAID 1 (mirrored, for safety) makes more sense than RAID 0 (striped for speed - but more than doubles the chances of a failure.)

    I recently built a fast video PC at work, and used a Raptor for the system drive. Frankly, if it boots faster or runs faster, it's hard to tell.

    For video, I bought a 4-drive RAID. I run the first half as RAID 0, for speed. I set up the second half as RAID 10 (two pairs of striped drives for speed, mirrored for reliability). I'm using this second half for backing up my source and end video files.

    I'm happy with the RAID setup, but looking back, I should have bought two cheaper drives for the system and mirrored them for safety's sake.

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    Re: Another Hard Drive Question

    Effeciency for your OS Drive:
    Figure out how much you need for OS and software and partition it to be 1/2 to 2/3 used and 1/2 to 1/3 open on that partition.

    Dedicate the remaining ( partition(s) on that physical drive ) 400+ GB, to storage.

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    Re: Another Hard Drive Question

    In fact...

    These days you might install an OS drive and partition it for
    1) Windows XP - it's the most efficient MS OS for media
    2) Windows XP64 - Lighter than Vista, but ready for 64-bits. But will it get long term support?
    3) Windows Vista 64 - Someday...

    In the meantime you can use 2 & 3 for storage, but you'll be ready to move the storage content to another (larger, cheaper) drive in the future, and then you can install your future OS.

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    Re: Another Hard Drive Question

    how is partioning better than just using folders? for defrag sake?

    If I take one drive and partion it and place apps and system on one....then projects on the other partion, will this help my system partion from getting degragged?

    im running osx on a g5.

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    Re: Another Hard Drive Question

    For defrag ... yes ... but mainly ( for me ) the ability to image and restore quickly if there's a problem, and also to keep my personal data files isolated from the OS.

    ....or even if I decide something like, "I'd rather not have this software that I just installed on my drive and I don't trust that it's not going to leave stuff in the registry when I un-install it."

    System restore ( the tool in XP ) is iffy at best. I've seen it fail to work way to many times to ever trust it.

    Something like Drive Image, Ghost, or Acronis, on the other hand, is much more reliable and thorough.

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