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Topic: Solo String Tremolo using Notation Patches

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    Solo String Tremolo using Notation Patches

    It seems that the solo strings in the notation folder for GPO KP2 still utilize "playable" tremolo. The patches that come with Finale use a different kind of programming for tremolo, I think these patches use actual tremolo samples. When playing back through Finale, the Finale patches actually sound much more convincing in this regard than the solo strings from GPO KP2. Just curious if is the intended case, and whether or not there are any plans to change the way this works in notation.

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    Re: Solo String Tremolo using Notation Patches

    If I recall correctly, there was discussion at one point that the solo strings of the Finale-edition GPO had actual sampled tremolo, while the solo strings of full-version GPO did not.

    I was unsure whether this was still the case.

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