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Topic: using the garritan strings in finale2008

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    Question using the garritan strings in finale2008

    guys, can you give me some advice here please---
    to use a solo chelo - and to be able to use the bow, the pizzicato, and the tremolo in the piece, can i just select ONE chelo from garritan's list and use the finale arco, pizz, and tremolo functions - or do i have to select three chelos from garritan - one for each type of playing - and use them only when needed?
    do i have to add each one of them individually to the kontakt player?. if i do, can they at least all use the same channel, since they would never be used at the same time?
    i appreciate and learn so much from all your opinions and sugestions.


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    Re: using the garritan strings in finale2008

    Yes, the following patches contain all the keyswitches:
    GPO-KP2: n-Cello 1 Solo KS
    Finale GPO: Cello Solo KS

    You can find more detailed reference material in the Garritan/Documentation folder for GPO-KP2, or probably in the Finale manual (I think).
    Good luck,

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    Re: using the garritan strings in finale2008


    As John said, use the KS patches. They are the only ones that will respond to the "Pizz. & Arco" expressions.

    If you load the arco, pizz. & tremolo patches separately, they will not respond to the expressions. If you do it this way, you would need to put the arco sections on one staff with the arco sample assigned to it. The pizz. sections on another staff with the pizz. samples assigned to it. And the tremolo sample assigned to a 3rd staff.


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    Re: using the garritan strings in finale2008

    jeff and john
    thank you for that info. am i understanding you to say i should select the garritan KS chelo and add that in kontakt player? meaning i will get arco pizz and tremolo out of that one instrument=
    by the way, what does KS mean?
    thnks again

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