I've recently started buying sound libraries/VIs. My interests are jazz/pop and having part-orchestral expansion possibilities for ballads etc - and like playing in real time with adjustable articulations.

Currently purchased and becoming familiar with Stradi/Gofriller. But where to go from here ?
At the minimum I need:-
Strings (so many to choose from )
Brass (more jazz oriented than classic)
Piano (thinking of Galaxy 2, but waiting to hear demos of Garritan Steinway)
Drums (waiting for BFD2)
Double Bass (did I hear Garritan was preparing a DB ?)

I'm also thinking of the following :-
Kontakt 3 (reportedly with the VSL samples and nice horns ),
Sonivox Broadway (expensive but good on-line demos - and I don't want to always hide VI instruments in the mix).

Anyone with experience of both the Sonivox and Garritan jazz packages - comparisons much appreciated (I've heard the demos, know the cost, but what about peformance and feel of playing.)

System is iMac24, Pro Tools 7.3.1, 003, S90ES.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts.

Richard P