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Topic: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

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    Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    Hey everyone,

    I was talking to one of my professors today, and he recommended buying some type of midi sequencing program, along the lines of Logic and DP. He recommended Logic, but before this, I was looking into buying DP. Anyone care to input on the differences/advantages/disadvantages of owning each? (By the way it's for film scoring).


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    Re: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    all i know is that i used to use logic express 7 and it was great. i just bought logic studio and it is absolutely incredible. it will come down to preference in the end, but i will say this - logic has incredible plugins for software and actual instruments. it also has space designer, which isn't altiverb, but i really can't tell a difference. if you play live shows ever mainstage (comes with logic studio) is a dream.

    studio also comes with soundtrack pro 2 that helps with putting sound to video. logic even has a great scoring section. anyway, i haven't used dp, but i hear that people love it, so i guess in the end it comes down to what you prefer. feel free to ask any specifics that you'd like to know. good luck.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    Before Logic8 came out - very recently - I would've said that it's a total no-brainer, go with DP. I'll admit to being prejudiced, having used DP first and had a very difficult time trying to learn Logic and its environment based approach.

    Now, at only $499 for Logic Studio which includes a majorly overhauled Logic Pro 8 - but also lots of other goodies - the equation has changed dramatically. I think the best value may now be Logic.

    On the other hand, given that the essential functionality is present in either package, the single most important factor is whether or not you find the 'workflow' of the software to suit your brain. See if you can find DP and LOGIC users who can give you a road test.

    Good luck - but either way, you can't go wrong, they are both excellent.


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    Re: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    Logic fits my style!

    Basically, if you want something that you can totally customize and do some pretty neat & unheard of stuff (you have to learn it of course), Then go with Logic.

    If you just want to get out and start song-writing, but still possess great tools, DP is great for that and easier to learn.

    The best thing would just to see if you can try both out, see what is faster for you.

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    Re: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    I would say logic studio any day.

    I was forced to use DP at university for 2 years and it was (in my opinion) the worst "commercial" daw in the world. Hated the thing! Always used cubase SX3 whenever i could, and now im moving to logic pro this weekend!
    I hope my total hate for DP has helped! ;p


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    Re: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    I use both and like both. I just got Logic Studio and it is very nice. My work flow consists of composing in DP (I really like the way DP is set up-it, has a nice work flow) and then I record audio and do mastering in Logic. IMHO Logic just sounds better on the audio side.

    Like somone said earlier, either one is great, although Logic comes bundled with a ton of instruments and sounds!



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    Re: Logic Studio vs. Digital Performer

    I'm a DP user and I love it; it works for me. A lot of my friends really love logic--which like Finale, has gotten much better over the years. Also the new version at a slightly cheaper price point has people in thrall. Ultimately I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. I say, go with whatever feels right.

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