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Topic: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

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    What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    ...Funk Demo 1

    Hi All,

    been messing about with the Jazz and Bigband vst- what an excellent instrument!!

    whats ive been trying to emulate is funk horn sections- just doing some simple octave riffs but have struggeld to get it sounding authentic

    have been using bass trombone
    tenor and alto sax ( a fourth apart)
    two trumpets (an oct apart)

    but i heard Barry Bignolds Funk Demo 1 and it has just the sound im looking for- problem is with all the instruments avaialble i cant quite find the right combo- anyone know what patches are being used?


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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    have you tried doubling the trombone with a barisax?
    Its also crucial to make sure that the performance is not quantized because brass sectionmembers are notorious for coming in at different times.
    Look at the waveforms of a good brass section sample at a high zoom leveland you will see that the attacks are almost flaming.
    The envelope is another factor to be considered. Try using a breathcontroller to control the volume and the filterfrequency.
    That way you can mimic sforzandos and swells.
    When everything is lined up to perfectly and with a static envelope it starts to sound like an accordeon.


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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler
    When everything is lined up to perfectly and with a static envelope it starts to sound like an accordeon.

    thats the puppy!! the individual line sosund fine but once massed they do sound very accordian/organy-

    im gonna play with teh barisax- thing is im not convinced about the bass trombone anyway-

    my main aim is jb's/p-funk style horn lines- they usually had 3-4 players, wesley on trombone, parker on sax (tenor and alto) and griffiths on trumpet so have tried to only use trombones, saxes and trumpets but aren't getting the low nots i wnat from teh trombone so am having to use the bass trombone

    ill definitely look at my attacks and make sure they are not uniform- i always move notes about but probably not enough in this case - but until i find the right instruments to use (the ones Barry Bignold chose were perfect) i think ill struggle-

    its an excellent piece of gear and im even thinking of buying a wind controller/learning to play just to utilise its impressive features (drawings envs by hand is tricky)

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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    Hi dubmunkey

    when I get a second I'll check out which track that is (I did around thirty for that series!) and let you know. This was 'out of the box' for me too, I just got JABB for this project.
    One thing I will say is that I tend to use tenors only, the altos feel a little thin for this type of application - the tenors are nice and honky!



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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    that would be great! thanks alot!

    i have been messing with this for about three days and was beginning to despair until i heard your demo tracks and thought- 'yes it is possible its just me!!' i think the execution of notes has a lot to do with but if i could just get the right starting point that would really help-

    so thanks a lot look forward to hearing back from you

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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    Ah! that one!

    You're not going to be that impressed.... the 'postmodern bebop' tune is just tenor 1 in unison with baritone 1. To my own horror the chorus parts at the ends and transitions use three instances of trumpet 1 (I'd definitely be using two other trumpets now!) and two instances of tenor 1 (same applies).
    What saves it is, and this is REALLY important, that tenor 1 solo has around 25% of var1 and var 2 knobs (on the player above the volume and pan knobs) and the baritone around 20% on var 1 and 12% on var 2. This helps a lot with putting in random elements to humanise the fact that both instruments are in unison. In my opinion you should always use these features to taste on all instruments.
    On top of that I'm using controllers 12 and 13 (set and forget to taste on this particular track) to add key noise and breath on the tenor.
    Often I'll also put a little controller 17 in there (for vibrato depth) and put a really tiny touch occasionally to add more humanity - this works really well when you use two different saxes playing in unison - much more convincing.
    That's it - anything else just shout - good luck!



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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    no its stuff like this i need to know.... i guess i get swamped by the possibilties- with each instrument having 5 versions- multiple types of sax and stuff... this at least narrows it down

    the var knob info is great too- i would have probably been more subtle but then scratched my head as to why the instruments sounded so homegenous...

    can't wait to have a play when i get in, im sure ill be back if there are any more q's

    keep up the stirling work!


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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    No probs - have fun and enjoy!



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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    It's a cool piece Barry. I like your brass arrangement very much. You'd have a whale of a time with Broadway Big Band!

    I'm kinda guessing that this piece was for a Dick and Dom show? It's all in the title...

    Hope you're well.


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    Re: What patches did Barry Bignold use for...

    Hello young Nick..

    guilty as charged I'm afraid, although there are better Dom tracks than that one I think... It was a fun prog tho'!

    How's the drama going? (the programme - not your daily life, we don't need to hear about that thankyou.. ) - I did hear that first track you did and thought it superb.

    I've been off air for a month in hospital - I just went down with a variety of things and was in a coma for over a week! I don't remember a great deal until I came out under the influence of some mad morphine induced hallucinations! Absolutely fine now - my poor missus was the one who suffered!

    Anyway - back to churning out the tunes with a new spring in my step, well anything's better than sitting around on a ward!

    Must do beers sometime....



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