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Topic: Audio FX for Games

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    Audio FX for Games

    Hello Northern Sounds.

    I am new to gaming audio and music. I have just got a deal with a company to do the audio sound effects for the visuals of their game. The game consists of heavy duty vehicles such as tanks and other battles vehicles. I need to source, get hold of or create the sound effects for the particluar vehicles. Sounds such and engine start ups, engine rev's, gear changes, rotating wheels ect.. and any other sounds related to vehicles and the sounds in their environment.

    Has anyone got some advice for me on what experinece you have had with getting sound effects, or manipulating audio to get the right results.

    I will probably go on site to destinations with battle vehicles and try record samples of these machines. The company has access to these vehicles. Any one got suggestions on the best equipment for field recording. I am looking at getting the M-Audio Fast Track for field recording. I have heard good reports on this audio device. I will import these audio tracks into my audio sequencer, and from there manipulate and process the order to get the desired results.

    Thanks in advance for and help and information,



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    Re: Audio FX for Games

    You will need a few microphones which can handle a reasonably high spl generated from engines. Look at DPA mic's for this purpose.

    There are many different techniques to record engine sounds. A portable unit which mechanical vibration will not interfere with recording is necessary. Preferably a solid state recorder over a HD recorder.

    You may need to record both exhaust and engine loops maybe another mic for recording wheel tread. It really depends on the player experience of the game. Ie is it top-down, first person driving .. etc.
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