I've recently installed both Gofriller and Strad into my iMac 24, 2GB, 2.33Ghz, 003 Pro Tools - with the Kontakt Engine in Applications on the Mac and both the libaries in my Sound Libraries folder found on a Lacie D2 extreme firewire 800 external HD.
Within the Pro Tools environment (7.3.1) everything seems to be working fine except for the fact that whenever i remove one of the instruments from the Kontakt window (clicking on the upper right x) I receive an error message 6097 indicating possible problems with either too low a buffer, too many plug-ins or clock......despite having used the highest buffer size, no other plugins and using the 003 internal clock. I'm using CPU at 95% - tried reducing but to no avail. Use the computer for nothing but music.

Maybe the external HD isn't appropriate here ? The solution may lie with Digidesign, NI or even Garritan - but I'm posting here with the hope that someone may have come across this instability before - and solved it!

Any suggestions?