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Topic: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

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    The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    Hey everyone -

    An opportunity has come up where I might be able to go live for a game project. I would like to get a better idea though of costs/etc before preparing an estimate.

    Has anyone used Moscow/Prague recently, and do you have any comments/samples/etc regarding the quality? What was your rough cost/time?

    I have searched through the NS archives and read some older posts (as far back as 2000), but I am looking for the latest from anyone using these orchestras!

    Eric Doggett
    MoonDog Media

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    Re: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    I know Maarten Spruijt has recently recorded a score for an upcoming major Dutch movie with the Prague Orchestra. Maybe you can try to contact him via his site.

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    Re: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    Unfortunately I'm probably one of the posts that you found that was 2 years old
    I've recorded both in Prague and Moscow, and though things will have changed somewhat, I can at least give you a few pros and cons:

    -Well seasoned players that understand the more 'filmey' repertoire.
    -Good Brass, Strings and Woodwinds..less enthusiastic about the percussionists
    -Recorded straight to HD in PT sessions
    -no issues playing with click, though they prefer not to.
    -Good session conductor, albeit slightly grumpy
    -pretty good quality instruments
    -Wasn't impressed with the acoustics of Smecky Studios..with a larger section it gets cramped which doesn't help the sound.
    -Engineering ok, but not stellar

    -Mosfilm studios had excellent acoustics and plenty of room.
    -Quality studio with SSL desk; we recorded to DA-88's but this is 5-6 years ago..I think it is PT HD now.
    -They're good at the lyrical stuff...good strings
    -Good session conductor although seemed less experienced with some of the more filmic repertoire than Prague
    -they had a good all-in session price including choir
    -Players not as tight as Prague; seemed to be more classically oriented
    -Instruments seemed cheaper..strings a little bit thin, though again, might be different now. Good lyrical sound though
    -Players seemed to need more time than Prague

    Dependent on what you're looking to record, my advice would be: action stuff, 'difficult' music, go for Prague.
    Lyrical stuff, warmer sound, say you're scoring a romantic movie with slower passages; go for Moscow.

    However, I've heard that with Prague, if you can record in the concert hall, you'll get a much better sound. Downside being; it's a concerthall so it is going to have more of a tail and not necessarily the dryer studio sound.

    From other people I've spoken to, both Prague and Moscow seem to be better than places like Bratislava or Bulgary.
    Prague is a proper session orchestra, and they do shetloads of recording, so there is more experience there.
    My ideal situation (other than going to London or LA) would be the Prague guys in the Moscow Studio!

    As a rough figure, I seem to recall paying around 60-70k in euros for 3.5 days of recording in Prague with a 92 piece and half a day of recording with a 40 piece choir; this is about 2.5 years ago.

    Hope that helps,

    Joris de Man - Composer | Sound Designer - www.jorisdeman.com | Killzone 2 soundtrack now available on iTunes link

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    Re: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    Joris, how much music did you record in these 3.5 days?

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    Re: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    My experience.

    Doing a period gladiator epic score in Bratislava & Prague.

    The big action brassy cues in Bratislava were great. We tracked strings and brass/winds seperately, and that helped get the balances right with pre-records, etc. Brass were tight and quick. Wind solos were O.K., not great.

    The sound was really nice, but this experience was more expensive than Prague. We brought in an English crew-engineer & conductor who had experience in Brats.

    The romantic stuff in Prague was really nice, Wind solos were still O.K., not great. The action stuff we did in Prague was not in the same league as Brats, not big and tight and in tune as I'd have liked. Very pro though; with a good conductor.

    Bulgaria is a question mark. Carlo Stilleto swears by them. My other friend had a nighmare situation with tuning and timing with pre-records.

    That's what I know!

    Mr. A.
    Nuendo 3/ Cubase 4.5 on XP sp2 QuadCore 2.66 Ghz VisionDaw Built DAW RME HDSP 96/52 into ProTools HD3 (digi192x6) on MacPro 3 Ghz... Farm PCs x (6) VisionDaw Machines PC Dual 2.66 Ghz w- Kontakt 3.5 w/ UAD Cards Midi Over Lan

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    Re: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    I recorded in Prague (Smecky) in July and Moscow (Mosfilm) in 2005 - I agree with Joris on the acoustics and the "hollywood" attitudes of both orchestras. My conductor at Prague (Miriam) was actually anything but grumpy but yes there is a grumpy one there from what I've heard.

    Again - I wouldn't record action with either orchestras, and I'm not even sure I'd record brass again as I found the tuning very problematic particularly Horns. I'd definitely go back to either to record strings + choir (Moscow choir were outstanding), but would leave perc to SAM TS1 as the acoustic is far better, and record brass here in London because of the tuning and quality of instruments.


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    Re: The Latest on Prague/Moscow Live $?

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful input! I didn't think about the possibility of just recording sections and adding other sections later. Something to consider!

    I'll see if both locations have demos available to get an idea of the sound.

    Eric Doggett
    MoonDog Media

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