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Topic: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

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    GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Anyone wishing to celebrate with me that I sent this to a competition


    (You guys have mostly already listened and commented.)
    With the help of my teachers, friends, GPO forum family, and my parents I have finally rendered and completed this score. I know you guys already enjoyed it. But I was so excited that I sent it to a competition. Anybody else willing to step up and send some of your materials the due date for materials is October 15th (Post Dated I think)

    You can go here for details


    And here for an official PDF of the score I sent.

    (I only ask that you don't print it or pass it off, because that would make me upset. Luckily I trust my Garritan friends enough to not do such things. I also would appreciate that if for some reaon you do want the score, you ask me, and I probably won't say no.)

    Critique; Do you think I have a chance of winning with this, or does it not seem the type of piece that would win a competition? Comments welcome.
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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Best of luck! It must feel good to have the piece at a point where you feel it is finished - or at least finished enough to enter a competition (which is pretty "finished"). I hope you get the results you want; but keep in mind that whatever the outcome, this is a very good piece of music.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Hi, Tuba

    I send my best wishes for you re: this interesting looking competition (I visited their site). Whether or not We think it's the "type of piece that would win a competition" is irrelevant, since we're not the judges. And whether or not we think you have a chance to win can't be based on anything since we haven't heard the other applicants.

    I can just hold good thoughts for you. It'll be exciting indeed if they select you!

    The piece is the final version of your "Assert No Evil" which we've heard, and it's sounding very good here. The suddenness of the ending still leaves me unsatisfied, since I didn't feel a strong build to that abrupt cut-off. - I was a bit surprised that you added the orchestra tuning file to the start of it. I'm not convinced that was the best thing to do for this purpose, but then I'm not the one making those kind of decisions.

    I wish you good fortune!

    Randy B.

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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Many good wishes on this, Ben!

    Keep us apprised how it goes!

    All my best,


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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Good luck on the competition, Tuba. It's a great work, you have a good chance of winning this. It said you have to describe how you used macro in your work, better get to work on that part, that may be tougher than writing a score.


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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Ben, I don`t know what the others will send but I think with this pease you have a real chance to win... .

    Many good wishes on this, and keep us apprised how it goes.


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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Good luck Tuba!
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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Good luck from me too, hope all goes well. I enjoyed your piece.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Good luck, Ben! As far as your chances... well, I certainly think you have a good one -- just keep in mind that judges are just as diversely opinionated (hopefully in an educated way) as we are. So you never know; it's just great that you are giving forth the effort with a worthy piece.

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    Re: GPO/Sibelius Score sent to Competition

    Good Luck

    I know that from past experience that the best piece doesn't always win. So regardless of the outcome, you have the right to hold your head high!!


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