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Topic: GPO and Logic Pro 8

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    GPO and Logic Pro 8

    after getting Logic Studio I've found out that GPO doesn't work as a AU plug in there. I can insert if and open the instrument but after pressing "load" I get the yellow box with dry, wet audition and multis but clicking on any of them does nothing...I can't load any samples ?


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    Re: GPO and Logic Pro 8

    yeah, me too. it seems to still work in logic 7 and as a standalone but not in logic 8. any ideas??

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    Re: GPO and Logic Pro 8

    I've been having the same problem, and I can't get GPO studio to work either since I installed KP2. There's a sticky thread above that covers this topic, and at least one possible solution, try looking there.

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    Re: GPO and Logic Pro 8

    I have Logic Studio and no problems with GPO KP2 except that you have to kinda click once and then hold your mouse on the instrument drop-down, keep your mouse next to the arrows, and then you can load your instruments.

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