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Topic: Locking memory?

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    Locking memory?

    Here is a new behaviour of my Cubase/KP2 marriage.
    When I open KP2, the system tells me that "Locking memory seems not to work properly bla bla bla ... " And it tells me that I have to make sure to be working with administrative priviledges. But I don't like that at all. Everybody knows that working as admin is dangerous because you are an easy prey to internet attacks. And every programmer should know that, no?
    The funniest thing is, I have also been told so when I was working as admin.
    Memory can't be a problem. I've got 2 GB RAM. What is "Locking memory?"

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    Re: Locking memory?

    Nobody really seem to know why this message appears. For me it appears when I start two (stand alone) instances of K2/KP2. It doesn't seem to have much significance.

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    Re: Locking memory?

    This little significance made my Cubase crash down twice (callously when I turned my back in order to copy the warning to the forum!)

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