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Topic: It happens every night (jazz )

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    It happens every night (jazz )

    This song features my favorite garritan instrument, the fluglehorn. It also features the vibraphone. It is kind of a moody jazz piece. Please tell me what you think about the song.

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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    Oh boy--more music from Jay - Seriously I'm a fan, big time.

    "Moody jazz piece" - yeah, definitely smoooooth. More upbeat and pleasant than what I would use the word "moody" for, but it suuure is sweet, Jay.

    Very nice duet action happening between your justifiably beloved Fluglehorn and the Sax. -- One technical observation - Both instruments, most pronouncedly, the Sax, seem mostly devoid of vibrato. Maybe you're concerned about over-doing it? But there were many held notes where I really wanted to hear some nice, juicy, jazzy vibrato.

    Really enjoy your new song, Jay - Thanks for it!

    Randy B.

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    The fluglehorn is also my favorite after hearing this piece. Beautiful!


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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    this is one sweeeeeeeeet piece! downloading this now! really really nice! love the harmonies and tha vibes solo is perfect!

    Anywhere i can hear more of your sweet sweet jazz?!


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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )


    this is very very nice, I like it! Well done!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    Hi Jay,

    I'm listening on headphones, and the mix uses a wonderful amount of spatial panning. Very lush and full on that end. If I make a suggestion, on cans it sounds that there is a bit too much of tremolo panning (R-L whirl) from the vibes, but that's it.

    And oooooohh, are those lines in the flugel and sax slick! It leaves me very relaxed. I also enjoy the minimalist approach to the kit you've done. The bass presence is warm but not overpowering.

    Great work on this, but why the fade out?? We want more!!


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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    Randy, I am honored that your a fan. Thank you very much for the nice comments. I think generally, when horns are playing together, they don't use alot of vibrato, because different players, with different rates of vibrato can sound a little off when played together. I think that you are right though, that there could be more vibrato on the solo's.

    David, thanks for listening. The fluglehorn sound in JABB was the thing that sold me on the product.

    Ben, thanks for the sweeeet comment. I need to think about compiling some of my jazz music on a CD or something. I am glad that you enjoyed this.

    Gunther, good to hear from you. Thank you for listening and commenting.

    Reegs, I am pleased that you liked this. I need to spend more time listening on my headphones before posting songs. They do show things that are missed just listening on the speakers.

    Thanks to you all for taking time to listen and comment. -Jay

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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    That's a real nice sound, Mr. Jay. Smoke-filled small club. I like the overall work with the exception of the drums. The start/stop...start/stop feeling is a bit disconcerting to this old jazz musician. I believe a smooth track with maybe some brush work would be much better. Near the end, you have the "drummer" playing the rimshots on beats one and three instead of the standard two and four. Your beat is "upside down".

    Thanks for posting.



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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    Very nice!

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    Re: It happens every night (jazz )

    Some more absolutely stunning jazz from you. I thoroughly enjoy this.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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