<font size=\"4\">We are pleased to announce our next guest in the \"GOS Meet the Artist\" series of Interviews: <font size=\"5\">DANNY LUX

It is an honor to have one of Northern Sound\'s most famous composers as our guest. Danny Lux has been with Northern Sounds from the beginning.

Danny is an Emmy Nominated Composer whose music can be heard on many prime time television shows and in the movies. He has composed for the hit series \'Ally McBeal\' as well as \'John Doe\', \'Boston Public\'. \'Hack\', and \'Party of Five\'. Danny also scored for the film \"Halloween Resurrection\". Other credits include: \'Profiler\', \'Sabrina the Teenage Witch\', and \'Dawson\'s Creek\'. Danny is also a sample developer and created \"Harmonica Essentials: Blues Licks.\"

Danny has been gracious enough to answer questions from Northern Sounds forum members. If you have questions about how Danny approaches composition and scoring, projects he is currently working on, how he uses GigaStudio, arranging, sample libraries, MIDI orchestration, the business, or have any other questions; now is your chance to ask Danny. At the end of the questioning period, your questions will then be presented to Danny and we will then post his answers in interview form here.

Please post your questions at the GOS Interview Thread, or below or email them to me at gary@garritan.com.

I anticipate this is going to be an interesting, informative and fascinating interview. Thanks Danny for being our guest and sharing your time and talent with this forum.

And thank you all for your participation,

Let the questions begin!

Gary Garritan