I have stayed away from Orchestral libraries, with the exception of Strings, as my work never really required them, and I found the libraries were so-so two years ago anyway. VSL and Garritan have some good stuff, but I didn't want to spend that kind of money on something with such a low ROI.

But I was demo'ing some of the libraries I already had yesterday to see if I could do this demo for a production company locally w/o spending too much dough. So I took my Westgate Oboe, and my ancient X-Sample Woodwinds out and started playing around and thought with those and SISS would work but I would still need to buy some orchestral brass. I then remembered that the French Horns on Muse have never been demo'd thoroughly yet so I put them in with the others and Voila !!

Muse is packed with 34GB's of content. The several catagories it covers seemed like it was spread out pretty thin. But the French Horns were perfect ! They and many other instruments were overlooked by me as I only was interested in the Acoustic, and Electric Guitars which are awesome, and the Honky Tonk, DX7, ARP String, and String Quartets are superbly done.

This leads me to believe that Sonivox really did their homework with this release, as I am learning that DEF can really make a big difference if used when recording the samples. Many people will say, it's only 34GB's, it can't have many articulations. Well I beg to differ.

This is a steal for 400 USD. I have found many great instruments, and now will give the entire set of DVD's a thorough audition.

Muse can cover so many different styles and arrangements. The ROI on this product paid for itself several times now, as I was using the horn sections mixed w/ my First Call Horns library since I bought it. These are the kind of instruments that get overlooked quite often as they don't call themselves the " Ultimate this or that ". Alot of Meat & Potatoes for the money.