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Topic: Bass Trombone in SAM Solo Sessions?

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    Bass Trombone in SAM Solo Sessions?

    I've been looking into getting SAM Solo Sessions because I need solo trombones/bass trombones. It appears that it does not have a Bass Trombone though. It looks like the only way to get a solo Bass Trombone is to also get their SAM Trombones, which I really don't need (and I can't afford to get both libraries right now).

    Is there a Solo Bass Trombone in SAM Solo Sessions? OR are there solo tenor Trombones in SAM Trombones?

    Is there ANY way to get solo tenor and bass trombones in one package from Project SAM? Or can you recommend another trombone library (or brass library) where I can get these without having to pay for a lot of other instruments?


    (P.S. I also asked this at Project SAM's support page, but I figured a user here might be able to give me a quick answer).

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    Re: Bass Trombone in SAM Solo Sessions?

    There's no bass trombone in the solo sessions package.

    However, there is a nice cimbasso. It's kind of a valved contrabass trombone, sounds very much like a regular trombone. I've used it with the trombones and it works well.
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    Re: Bass Trombone in SAM Solo Sessions?

    Your assessment is correct. The bass trombone is in the trombones ensemble library which has no solo tenor trombone. You would need both disks to get both tenor and bass trombone.

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    Re: Bass Trombone in SAM Solo Sessions?

    but the SAM bass trombone is the best one out there in my opiniopn.

    i just LOVE it!

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