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Topic: Motherboard Swap

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    Motherboard Swap

    I have a bad raid controller on my present MB .....It does not allow me to run the HD's that I need for my setup ....Other than that , I have been happy with the performance of my board ..... How much is involved in replacing the existing MB, with a new one that is exactly the same brand and model ? .....What problems will I encounter ? ....CPU removal problems ? ....Software/Registration problems ? ....Any other issues ? ....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: Motherboard Swap

    Sorry I cannot answer your question.

    All I can say is that if you change the model of the motherboard you will have to reformat the boot disk, at least that happened to me. One more good reason to have an extra system disk and not to store audio or samples on it.
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    Re: Motherboard Swap

    My tech just did this for me on Friday. The motherboard was a different make but had the same chipset. It worked fine when we started it up for the first time.

    That was pretty lucky, but if you get a blue screen, get your XP installation disc, then after the screen where you hit F8 to agree to the Terms & Conditions, choose R for Repair. It *should* then load the new drivers necessary for your new motherboard.

    Of course, a new install is always the best thing to do but you may want to try the above first.
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    Re: Motherboard Swap

    same chipset to same chipset actually works fairly well.

    prior to shutting windows down you go into device manager and remove devices that are not on the new board. (nic, 3rd party chipsets, audio etc)
    and actually you can remove everything then shut down.

    after installation of new board windows will redetect and install drivers.

    as always get your drivers from the web not the disk


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