I've posted this same question over at the cakewalk forums but thus far haven't found a solution to the issue, so apologies for other northernsounds forumfolk who also use cakewalk's sonar forums if this gives you deja vu!

I'm not sure whether there is a way of changing Sonar 6's automation recording behaviour from global to selective. If there isn't, then there is a significant problem with using a variety of VSTi's that feature numerous adjustable parameters within Sonar, so far as trying to record VSTi automation in real time (note this is *not* recording Sonar's own automation parameters in real time, i.e. not track properties - I'm specifically referring to the knobs and dials on inserted VSTi's here).

When googling this issue, the thread that was most relevant was unfortunately not for Sonar but for Reaper, but here is the link anyway, since I'm having the same issue in Sonar 6.2 as those users are in Reaper, and it might help understand what the issue is - http://www.cockos.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9806

I have been successful recording VSTi automation in Sonar before, on occasions where the number of parameters are small (synths with volume level and pan and nothing more, for example). But where the problem really rears its head is when I try to record real-time automation of VSTi's with *lots* of adjustable parameters, most notably with Stylus RMX (it has around 20,000 though I won't claim that I've tried adjusting quite that many while recording a performance ).

If I simply record a midi track from Stylus RMX, no stylus automation is captured - which is clearly not what I'm after, as I've mapped my midi keyboard to plenty of those virtual knobs and sliders that do such amazing things and want to capture them).

In order to ensure Sonar records all the knob-twiddling and slider-shunting that I'm doing during a recording, it seems it is necessary to click the little W (Write-enable) Sonar puts at the top right of Stylus RMX so that it is red - in other words, arming ALL automation parameters for recording. Doing this has Sonar suffers slowdown as it reads all of those parameters that can be adjusted theoretically (but which I don't intend to use). More slowdown comes when starting actual recording, and when stopping recording. There are simply too many parameters for Sonar to monitor all at once in this global write-enabled automation mode. If I'm lucky, after recording Sonar won't crash. But I don't get lucky as often as I'd like.

Some of Sonar's peers handle this kind of issue in various ways - automatically (where moving a knob or slider of the VSTi starts a new parameter envelope of its own) or manually (where the user forewarns the host of exactly which knobs and sliders will be used in the forthcoming recording, either in a user-friendly way by capturing the inputs from those knobs and sliders, or the not so friendly way of requiring the user to specify midi CCs).

My question is: does Sonar handle this issue at all, and if so, how? Can Sonar be set to monitor and record a subset of a VSTi's automation parameters (either automatically when the user adjusts the VSTi's knobs and sliders during recording, or manually from specific parameters being selected for arming), or am I stuck with the dreaded W of global VSTi automation write-enabling that is fine for many VSTi's but which isn't tenable for parameter-rich VSTi's like Stylus RMX? Or is the issue to do with the functionality of Stylus RMX itself being different than in the RMX+Sonar 4 tutorial video?

Any help appreciated,

PS I have watched the spectrasonics video tutorial specific to setting up and using Stylus RMX in Sonar. That video shows Sonar 4 and the user having no such problems as I'm having, but doing exactly the same as in the video doesn't work for Sonar 6.2 (at least, it doesn't for me - Stylus RMX's automation isn't recorded for me unless the W on it is red/armed).

It's entirely possible I have a setting somewhere that differs from one in Sonar 4 being used by the demonstrator in the video but is not shown or mentioned in the video.

It's entirely possible Cakewalk changed something between Sonar 4 and 6.2 that renders functionality different compared to the Stylus RMX+Sonar 4 tutorial video.

It's entirely possible that what might be the issue is that I'm using Stylus RMX's midi learn to map my controller to its parameters as opposed to the integral ACT function of Sonar - I have yet to try mapping Stylus using ACT as I find it unreliable and forgetful, but if it's the only way to go then I'll have to I guess :/


It's entirely possible none of my thoughts on the issue are correct. In fact, it's very probable