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Topic: MidiTangle -- lan midi

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    MidiTangle -- lan midi

    I have developed a tool called MidiTangle to send midi over a local network. This is a program that I use and am making available for free to others. Please give it a try, those who might find it useful. I have a two computer setup in my project studio with synths/sampler on one and Sonar on the other.

    Note -- MidiTangle requires a midi virtual port driver like MidiYoke or MapleMidi. MidiTangle sends and receives midi over a network peer-to-peer. It takes midi from a port, sends it over the network, and on the receiving computer sends it out to a midi port. My setup is W2k. It should work on any MS OS W2k and up provided a working midi virtual port driver is available.

    You can find it at www.jcfmusic.com/miditangle.htm


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    Re: MidiTangle -- lan midi

    Anyone available to help me get Miditangle working?

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