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Topic: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

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    New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

    Hi y'all,

    Just a quick note. Just posted a kind of beta release for a notation script called "Garritan Assistant", over at the Myriad forums, here:


    If you are using GPO or JABB (or both) with Harmony Assistant from Myriad, you may be interested (excited? ) to see this. It's a little script package for HA which I put together these last few weeks to add true Garritan support to Myriad's Harmony Assistant notation program. This is the first test release, and I am hoping to hear comments, suggestions, bugs, wish-lists, etc from anyone who uses HA with GPO/JABB... Eventually I hope to have a really nice finished product that imparts the live feel of using a DAW with GPO to the notation realm. Anyway, that's my hope!

    If anyone finds use for it, I will be happy to translate to other notation programs as I am able, or provide the full source too if ya like.

    This is just my way of saying THANKS! to the wonderful Mr. Garritan and the kind folks at Myriad for giving me this musical creative outlet...

    Muffit (narrow)


    "So long as we employ our hearts, the value of all we touch remains secure" - Muffit

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    Re: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

    Great news, Muffit

    I've been following your development of the script, inspired by your discovery of how Harmony Assistant doesn't exactly play nice with GPO. I am sure your work on this will assist many people as they finally are able to integrate HA and GPO. Brava!

    Randy B.

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    Re: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

    Thanks so much Randy...
    Muffit (narrow)


    "So long as we employ our hearts, the value of all we touch remains secure" - Muffit

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    Re: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

    What exactly is Harmony Assistant? (yes i am feeling a bit lazy and the google search bar is far to far away for my pointer to reach...

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    Re: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

    Harmony Assistant is a pretty cool little program that does a lot of unique things, but its somewhat unorthodox about some of the things it does. I would like to call it a notationally based sequencer, but that is not really the right description either. It comes with its own soundsource, does not play well with midi, but it can. does not support VST plugins either. But it has a lot of composing type features in a notationally based product. chord tracks, rythmn tracks, etc.. The GUI is unorthodox too, I don't know why.

    It also has an entirely full featured scripting environment that can be used to do many tricky things. IMHO, people have barely scratched the surface of what that program could do with more scripting.

    the one downfall is that its kind of unorthodox about things like midi and VST's, etc...and the authors are in France...and very very French. A lot of the postings on their forum are in French, but if you ask a question you can probably get an answer. i bought their program years ago and grew frustrated by their attitude and moved on. But I always think about going back to use it, for no other reason but to use the scripting language to setup some cool stuff that works with a staff view.

    HA is really a unique program and does not fit any classification like anything else..it is its own thing. Check out the demo a while. The authors are basically two brothers and they just work on this program every day and seem to scratch out a living on it I guess, though I'm not sure how.
    "Music is a manifestation of the human spirit similar to a language. If we do not want such things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest number of people understand their secrets" -- Zoltan Kodaly

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    Wink Re: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)

    Hi BenNichols! Hi Dewdman42! (Foooorty-twoooo... )

    Thank you for the quick rundown on Harmony Assistant. It's pretty close, maybe though if it's okay I could tell ya's a bit more. I've been using it for almost 4 years now (not that experience has ever helped me with anything else, lol )

    Harmony Assistant is first and foremost a notation program. At that, it succeeds very well. The interface is intuitive and learnt quickly, and if (like me) you do most or all of your work via notation, it works amazingly well for a $70 program (and the price really is amazing at that). I got it initially to print lead sheets, cuz I needed good control over the output; but as I got to know it more, it became my music program of choice for many tasks.

    HA is made by Myriad Software, and yes indeed, they are located in France. Their greatest weakness (and greatest strength) is that it has never had any of the professional presentation and marketing of the big notation programs. That imho keeps them from being a more mainstream product, yet at the same time, it fulfills a desperate need to the myriad (sorry for the pun, /my/ greatest weakness ) of average (read: poor) folk out there, who cannot imagine ourselves spending more on a music program than we do on our family car (lol!)

    HA (and its little sister, Melody Assistant, for $20), fulfill a much needed niche in the world - affordable music composition. But oddly it goes way beyond that, to allow extra things like digital recording and effects (for the casual user I think). It is not a DAW by any means, nor really a MIDI sequencer, but you can do many of the things those products do, if your need is not for a high end DAW. But to be be truthful, it is first and last a notation program, with ease of use and friendliness of support the main items of interest. Being notation mainly, the UI will be very different from sequencers and DAWs. I am sorry to hear you didn't feel it was supported well Dewdman, I guess that happens sometimes. For me, it has been the best supported product I own (especially compared to my phone, cable, and MS products, etc for which I pay a LOT more - every month, lol).

    Whenever I have a question, I get an immediate response, from the authors no less. I really miss that from the early microcomputer days (sigh!). Once they even rewrote and re-released one of their program elements within a day of my post/request at their forum! They have a very active community (mostly French, very true - but most speak English perfectly and it helps that I can read French a bit ) but they are always willing to release and support everything in French and English, so I never feel left out (in fact, HA supports many languages - when I started writing my script, I was asked right away to please add support for French and Spanish at least).

    Gee, I'm blabbing again, aren't I??? In a nutshell (and I'm a nut, so that's appropo), it's a full-featured notation program, and really that's all it's made for. So no VST or regular sequencing stuff per se. But... if folks let them know, and enough requests come in, who knows? Anywho, I found it extremely easy to write the Garritan support modules using their MyrScript scripting language, and Dewdman, you are right on, it is an incredible bit of magic to add into a $70 program for free. I will try my best to help contribute my little part to this little corner of musicdom, and I hope that if you love notation as I do, you might give a test drive sometime to this little known gem...

    Thanks so much to all of you for your kind replies, hope to hear from ya soon!

    P.S. Ben -- here's the link...

    Muffit (narrow)


    "So long as we employ our hearts, the value of all we touch remains secure" - Muffit

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    Re: New Garritan Assistant for Myriad/GPO/JABB :)


    Thanks for doing this and sharing it. This Assistant looks like a terrific tool.

    Harmony Assistant is one of those rare gems in the notation world. It has been way ahead of its time and does some things other programs do not do.

    Maybe they will support VST hosting and other features in the future. That seems to be the trend.

    Neverhtheless our new player will have GPO Studio capabilities built in, so there will be no need for a separate hosting program like GPO Studio.

    Thanks again,

    Gary Garritan

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