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Topic: Another OT: Studio Glass

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    Another OT: Studio Glass

    Ok, another on the whole studio thing. In my control room which is approximately 12 x 28, I have three isolation booths in the back with doors facing into the control area. One is a vocal booth and the other two for micing cabinets. I want the doors to have glass in them for visual communication with the singer and to be able to see mic position in the others. I'm also wanting it to look cool so I am going to design all the doors to match. They will be custom built by my Dad and I at 24" wide. I'm thinking that they will be roughly 2 x 6 so they will be 1 1/2" thick around the outside with about a 5 to 5 1/2" border of wood which will hold the glass. That leaves the glass at about 12 to 13 wide by whatever heigth I end up with. From my internet research, laminated glass has the best soundproofing qualities. However, No one in my home town seems to know what this is. I need to find a place that will custom cut the glass for the doors after they are built. I can put the glass in, I just need someone to provide the custom sizes. Any ideas on where I can get this done? Anyone know what thickness I need to get some decent attenuation? I realize that nothing is 100%. I'm just looking for something practical. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Much.


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    Re: Another OT: Studio Glass

    Eric, check your PM.

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