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Topic: OT-ish : Buying a notebook

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    OT-ish : Buying a notebook

    Hello all,

    I am planning to buy a notebook mainly for sketching music with Finale (with GPO and JABB), am I correct in saying :

    1) AFAIK, since GPO and JABB run in RAM, so the CPU speed as well as HD rpm is not the main concern I should bother but rather how much RAM I should get? And since they both run in RAM, I don't really need an external HD for samples? (and well GPO + JABB are only a few GB too )

    2) BUT, if I am planning to do audio editing/mixing with this notebook, then the CPU speed will be a BIG BIG BIG thing to consider?

    Thanks in advance!

    Dell Precision T3500 (Xeon W3520, 12GB RAM) / Windows 7 x64 / Sonar 8 / VE Pro / WIVI 2.3 / Kontakt 4 / G-Player 1.2

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    Re: OT-ish : Buying a notebook

    I´ve been asking almost the same question, helping my brother choose a laptop. (However, he will be using it streaming big sample libraries.)

    I´ve found quite a few people recommending the HP laptops, the more powerful ones. Looks like my brother will buy the HP DV9575 soon, an external firewire800 drive (7200rpm) and the Terratec phase x24fw. There is also a cheaper version with no xlr-preamps called phase 24fw.

    Good luck with you choice!

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    Re: OT-ish : Buying a notebook

    Thanks Johnny!

    But I guess I don't really need a powerful computer since this is not intended to be used as a DAW or whatever. Just a little tool to carry here and there to write music.

    What I concern is should I focus on more RAM or CPU speed, and do I really need an external drive (coz I **think** I don't need to stream samples with JABB & GPO)

    Dell Precision T3500 (Xeon W3520, 12GB RAM) / Windows 7 x64 / Sonar 8 / VE Pro / WIVI 2.3 / Kontakt 4 / G-Player 1.2

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    Re: OT-ish : Buying a notebook


    in my experience, in most scenarios more RAM is worth more than a faster CPU. Of course it depends on what you intend to do with the machine.

    If you want to use samples without disk-streaming, the amount of RAM is definitely an issue. On the other hand, even with a slowish harddrive, disk-streaming is feasible if configured correctly.

    The CPU might be an issue if you want to do realtime effects. On my old Pentium-M 1.7 laptop, using the convolution reverb of K2 with small buffer sizes leads to clicks and pops. Most modern CPUs should be able to handle it though.

    I think most current laptops should be up to the task. I'm also looking for a new laptop right now, and I think I'm going with 2GB of RAM and a Core 2 Duo CPU.

    You might also want to take a look at some other properties because with a laptop it's hard to replace stuff that your not satisfied with. If the keyboard sucks, you're stuck with it. Screen resolution and battery life are also aspects to consider. As is the number of USB ports, the type of extension slots, connectivity, weight... Also, don't underestimate the value of a long warranty. If your laptops breaks, it's unlikely that you can fix it yourself.

    I hope this helps a little bit.


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