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Topic: Sonivox Broadway Big Band demos?

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    Sonivox Broadway Big Band demos?

    I keep reading random posts of people loving or hating BBB, but I have yet to hear one demo of this program imitating a full jazz band. Even the demos done for the official site are all combos or solo lines. I appreciate that the program can do solo lines well, but in using this for mockups of a Broadway or Jazz Band pit there would typically be 12-15 instruments just among the brass and saxes alone. Are there any demos that show this, and what setup do you need to be able to do a fullish arrangement? (5 tpt, 5 tbn, 5 saxes, piano, bass, drums, guitar.) Can it be done without bouncing tracks? Thanks for the info!

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    Re: Sonivox Broadway Big Band demos?

    you would need a couple of computers to realize a full big band setup with BBB.
    i guess thats why they split the syncrosoftliscense into several sections so you can use BBB on more than one computer simultaneously.
    Currently a modern computer is pretty much maxed out with 4-5 instruments.
    In some cases even less depending on the type of instrument.
    Maybe it will change once Leopard is out and breaks the 3 GB per application barrier.
    But even then it will take a lot of patience waiting for all the sounds to load and learn and handle all the keyswitches.
    Of course you could bounce parts to audio but that takes away alot of the flexibility.
    Personally i set the project of writing a review about BBB to the side until Leopard is out and running stable on my Mac. In the current state its just too time consuming for me to test BBB.


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