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Topic: Another wee tune

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    Another wee tune

    Don't know how to describe this one but I was kinda aiming a for a movie soundtrack feel so I called it At the The Movies.


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    Re: Another wee tune

    I very much enjoyed the harmonically lowered tones in the melodic line. Very interesting to the ear. It seems, on my equipment, that the upper strings may be a bit hushed relative to the rest of the score, but the theatrical effect is nicely done.

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    Re: Another wee tune

    Hi, Tony

    It's been a long time since you've posted music, so this is a treat.

    HUmmmm, LOts of stuff going on in this, and with some really interesting, unexpected mood shifts. The opening had me wondering how it was going to be a cinema-like piece, then as it developed, I got more of that movie-vibe.

    It's feeling, what-?--trying to find the word, -disjointed maybe? Not necessarily in a negative sense, I guess I mean there's a non-continuity happening, where things are never gelling, but then maybe they're not supposed to - I thought a theme would be rested on for awhile, but it kept shifting before I could get a handle on what was going on. Like I said, a Lot of stuff going on!---INNNnnnnteresting!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Another wee tune

    Yes. I see it. Montana/Wyoming. Views of snow capped mountains. Salmon swiming upstream and leaping the beautiful rapids. A brown bear fishing on the edge of the stream. Yes! Yes, Tom I see it. Splendid. Thank for the
    Samantha Penigar


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    Re: Another wee tune

    Some music calls out for the scene to be described. Everytime I thought I saw something, it was gone. I guess whta I am saying is that this is very disjointed for me. I am all for train of thought ideas, but I can't seem to solidify one before the next one starts. I'm sure it can go with something, since it is good music. Hope that helps

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    Re: Another wee tune

    I agree with rolifer, but in the sence that it did bounce around a lot for the imagination. I do that too sometimes. Probably more defined ideas to grab the listener. Overall great harmonic structure. A few flub notes. I'd go back and listen again and try to catch them. Maybe intentional, or missed chordal tones.
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    Re: Another wee tune

    Thanks all for the comments, I really appreciate it. The tune wasn't really meant to go anywhere just experimenting and trying to get a 'big' sound. I do all this stuff by ear so I guess rules get broken and it never turns out the way I hear the music in my head. Time to learn some theory I think...

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    Re: Another wee tune

    A lot of good ideas in this, Tony -- and therein one finds
    the goat's horns ripping your trousers. (I wonder what that
    means.) Ahem. Where was I. Ah, yes -- a lot of good
    ideas; and as we all know, too many good ideas always cause

    Tony, what I hear in this [do recall I'm a programmer myself]
    is the extremely tight, say-it-concisely thinking of a coder.
    I know, because I do it myself in writing; and have to very
    deliberately catch myself up on it.

    Were it me, I think what I'd attempt with this piece is the
    introduction of much more space, a more leisurely pacing,
    a more relaxed and elaborative (oh, my, yes, even some
    of that dreaded recursion!) approach... take the time to
    dwell on each element and explore it more, give the listener
    a chance to consider and savor each thought.

    Tony, I hear a lot of potential in your writing. But at least
    for my ear, you're taking us down the road a little too
    quickly to fully appreciate the otherwise very evident
    qualities of your thinking.

    All my best,


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    Re: Another wee tune

    Excellent comment David, you really nailed it. In some ways I'm trying to run before I can walk and to be honest I'm really struggling to get what I hear down on paper or score writer. My lack of musical training is evident and what sounds good to me has glaring deficiencies to others. I can live with that.

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    Re: Another wee tune

    Learning to hear your own work objectively is probably
    one of the hardest things to do, Tony. I cannot say that
    I have ever succeeded at that, myself!

    My best,


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