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Topic: Problem EASTWEST RA and Kontakt (help!)

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    Problem EASTWEST RA and Kontakt (help!)

    Hi.Sorry to bother you but I am new to hear and need some help! I have been messing around with my RA on kontakt and have found that when I load up the sounds with the "hot keys" on (these are the yellow shaded keys to make different nuances to the instrument) I cannot access all of these yellow shaded keys as my keyboard is 5 octaves (a CME UF6).Is there anyway of moving these hot keys next to the instrument keys (the blue shaded notes on the keyboard) so I can reach them.It seems like that Kontakt and RA are built for an 88 note keyboard. I hope not as I have just purchased this.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks for taking the time tio read this.Mothball.

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    Re: Problem EASTWEST RA and Kontakt (help!)

    You could also just transpose the midi track in your sequencer, like Digital Performer has a simple midi plugin called Transpose, I'm sure most major sequencers have the same feature-

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