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Topic: GPO please help

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    GPO please help

    I am new with GPO, so i am not yet familiar with it. If anyone could give me a help...I am working with Finale 2007. I made this screenshoot to explain myself better.

    Those are virtual instruments, right? But, what all those players are? I tryed to put some notes to hear differences between flute player 1 and flute player 2; or violin player 1, 2, 3...So, is there any explanation about it?

    What type of instruments are at the official web page of Garritan Personal Orchestra, that I saw. For example, on the instrument list I saw 1st Violin Section (12 Players) or Contrabass Clarinet or Harp 2 (Wurlitzer)...lots of instruments from the list i do not have (in the image above).

    As you can see, I have no idea how al this works, so any explanation would help.

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    Re: GPO please help

    They are just different variations, so you can mix it up a little. You can use mixes of the different players to build your own sections, or just use the rerecorded sections.

    You also might not have all the sounds because you own the finale edition and not the full version.

    Did that answer your question at all?

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    Re: GPO please help

    Hey Dule,

    What you're looking at is the effect of Ensemble Building within GPO.
    Let's look at the strings as an example. There are full sections available which contain all 12 players as one recorded sample. It's quick, efficient, and easy to hear what an entire 1st violin section will sound like playing a passage with this patch. For notation applications, this is probably the best bet.
    You could also build an ensemble using several individual instruments Combining Strad Violin Player 1, Strad Violin Player 2, Gagliano Violin Player 1, and Gagliano Violin Player 2 will sound like a group of four individual violinists playing the passage. The advantage here is more blending and realism in the sound; the disadvantage is the amount of time you'll need to play with it, as you'll need to adjust playback data for four individual tracks. You may be able to assign these four VST patches the same MIDI input (from Violin I part on the staff).

    The same goes for Flute Player 1 and Flute Player 2-- combine them and you'll get what sounds like 2 players on that part.

    The "player" instruments are the solo instruments with samples from the full chromatic version stretched around to create separate instruments without any sounds in common (and thus avoiding phase issues).

    The reason why you're missing certain instruments listed on the Garritan site is because you're running the Finale GPO Edition (bundled with Finale 07). It's a subset of the Full GPO. I believe there is an upgrade available to the full set if you want it all.


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    Re: GPO please help

    Thanks ppl.
    Just to repeat on my way....So, with all those different players i can build my own player? And i do this in the kontakt player or directly in the score by adding a several staves?

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