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Topic: ASIO driver problems...

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    ASIO driver problems...

    Hello everyone, any feedback on these issues of mine will be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a new desktop computer with Windows Vista, and have been encountering a couple problems with my sound drivers. When I open the ASIO Mulitmedia setup and try to set my asio drivers to X-fi Xtreme Music, and try to run simulation, I get the following message

    "Not all the selected devices in the current configuration were successfully started with their selected options. If this card is currently configured to accept a digital signal, and no digital signal is present, please either reconfigure the card to use an internal clock, or apply a digital signal, or if possible switch this port to accept an analog input"

    Right now my Logitech Speakers are hooked up to my comp using analog inputs, does this message mean I have to hook them up using a digital cable (SPDIF?) I'm not totally understanding whats going on here...

    Also, I'm having trouble starting up Cubase VST 4 with Vista, anyone know if its even compatible??

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: ASIO driver problems...

    On my soundcard, there is a digital input which needs to be switched to External Sync when trying to use it. This tells the card to use the wordclock (in simple terms, digital audio timing data) sent by the external digital device, rather than it's internal wordclock. It sounds to me, based on the text of that error message, that the digital input on your card is set to external but there is nothing plugged into it, so the card is looking for wordclock info that isn't there.
    The soundcard should have a control panel where you can change this setting to internal.

    General word of mouth around the net seems to indicate that both Vista and Cubase are pretty unstable, so combining the 2 seems like bad news. I have neither so can't do much more than be a rumour monger. I would check the Steinberg forums.
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    Re: ASIO driver problems...

    thanks for the reply, but I cannot find for the life of me anything that fits that description on my control panel for my soundcard. I have an X-fi Xtreme music soundcard, and there aren't any options like that listed anywhere that I can find anyways...

    Whereabouts are you finding yours and what type of soundcard do you have??

    I also have an onboard 6 channel speaker analog and digital connection that came with my motherboard as well, any chance the appearance of two sound card are conflicting?

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    Re: ASIO driver problems...

    I've got an M-Audio Delta 1010LT and there is an icon in my taskbar which brings up a mixer application for it. On one of the tabs, I can select options for the digital input as well as the wordclock signal to use.

    There is a definite potential for conflicts with 2 soundcards in the system. You should try going into the windows control panel, then to device manager and disable the onboard audio. That would be the place to start before trying anything else.

    If that doesn't help, make sure you have a vista-compatible driver. On the Creative site there is one that mentions problems with Cubase

    Let us know how you make out and we can go further if necessary.

    Good Luck
    If pro is the opposite of con lets look beyond this....the opposite of congress must be progress...

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    Re: ASIO driver problems...

    I uninstalled my onboard soundcard and installed the drivers for vista for X-fi and now everything is working fine, thanks for the advice chester, you were a big help! I'll be posting again if I have any more problems!

    thanks again


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