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Topic: Instruments not playing

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    Instruments not playing

    Hi guys,

    I've posted this problem on a few forums without much success.

    I have ten instruments recorded and playing back on JABB. The problem is that sometimes they all play back but moreoften only eight will play then perhaps six, then all ten again! It does'nt matter if I start from the begining of a region or the middle.

    Modwheel info is recorded, but it is as if the instruments are not triggered. They will only play if I select their track and move the modwheel on my keyboard.

    I'm using Logic 7 and have set it to 'chase' control info ie. volume, pitchbend etc. This is so frustrating, and I can't see what else to do, any suggestions will be welcome.


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    Re: Instruments not playing

    Not too sure about Logic, but do you have automation enabled correctly? In DP one has to set automation to "play" in order for mod wheel data to be read from the midi track, could it be something similar in Logic?

    Also do you have Mod wheel data recorded prior to the start of each instrument playing?

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    Re: Instruments not playing

    Mod wheel info is recorded on the track I can see it there and its volume is working on the instruments.
    I've not tried enabeling automation but usually automation is not an issue with something like this.


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