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Topic: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

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    The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    Dear friends!

    This song was written for Pianoteq's contest a month ago.

    Unfortunately, no cigar.

    I thought I'd render it with GPO's Steinway too. So here it is! I'm not sure about linking to Pianoteq rendering in Garry's forum though. Would it be proper / ethical / whatever? For now, I just give you the GPO finish.

    The Wings of Passion (GPO Steinway)

    It was done the way I like my piano songs, in Rachmaninov-influenced romantic style that displays everything from string-busting fortissimo outbursts to gentle pianissimo lines but with nonstop concert virtuosity.

    Cheers Matt

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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    And cheers to you, Matt!

    Your description of what you aimed for seems perfectly carried out in your composition. I find it tremendous fun to listen to--Thanks for the concert!

    Randy B.

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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    Hi Matt,

    This is really, really great, a very rich, full piano styling. Liszt, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff all come to mind.

    How would you characterize the composition, as a set of variations or more like a fantasy? I enjoyed every minute of it. I hear a sunny, Spanish tinge to the main theme. Was this your intent?

    One wonders what the winning piece was like!


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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    I have to agree with the others here:

    Very very nice pianoplaying, I like it very much!

    Matt, thank you!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    Fine music, Son. I thoroughly enjoyed your work. Your modulations are spot on. Very good rendering job.

    Thanks for posting.

    Larry Alexander
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)


    YES!!!!! Definate the Rachmaninov-influenced romantic style as you described it. The composition, execution and rendering are right on the money. I think I even picked out the kitchen sink at one point!!!! The choice of the GPO Steinway is the icing on the cake. Geezzzz hard to imagine that it not walk away with a box of cigars.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.



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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    If that is you playing this in your avatar than you are going to be very rich!!!

    Well done

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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    Quite a show -- hyper-Romantic late 1800's super-parlor music
    at its Chopinesque find-every-note-on-the-piano-twice-and-then-
    ornament-it best!

    Impressively good job on this, Matt; you've really taken the GPO
    piano to the heights on this one.

    I say we should all get together and find you one real fine cigar!



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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    Very nice! Wonderful textures and modulations--very Lisztian.
    Has an occasional 'Spanish-y' sound to it--maybe a bit like Granados

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    Re: The Wings of Passion (solo piano)

    Aww thank you everybody! I mean, not at all joking, who needs prizes and awards when you have such a great audience

    The awards went to folks who used some of Pianoteq's more crazy esoteric presets to create a pseudo-ensemble sound. I just went for the solo piano style that I like best.

    Darwin - hard to say really, perhaps variations would be the closest thing to an "intent". As I often do, I came up with the melody and let the inspiration go down some strange paths, but return to the theme as often as possible.

    Sounds Spanish? Funny.. didn't think of it that way before, but guess the theme could easily be arranged on Flamenco guitars

    Randy, Darwin, Gunther, Larry, Gary, Ron, David and lesotho - comments very much appreciated!

    Cheers Matt

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