Howdy all! I'm brand new to So here goes with my first post/question.

I have put a "Definitive B-3" expansion ROM in my Proteus 2000. I need to ask a tech question regarding implementation of the leslie effect. As great as that ROM is, there seems to be a significant flaw. Having played a B-3 and numerous Leslies for many years, I can say for certain that the leslie effect takes wayyyyy to long to kick in, which is not realistic. I have already upgraded the P2K's OS to the latest version (which was an issue), so I don't believe that would be the problem. Tech support at E-MU basically sent me to the edit menu for me to try and figure out how it was done. I found that to be quite confusing. Is anyone familiar with this, or can direct me to anyone who is, so I can find out exactly which parameter/s to tweak for this edit?

I appreciate any help I can get . . . . THANKS!